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Beyond compliance

For the sake of authentication - Beyond Compliance report

Transforming a customer into an engaged customer just by offering frictionless mobile authentication sounds easy enough, but why is it so important and how to do it?

# Frictionless authentication and beyond

Many would argue that it all starts with frictionless authentication. Less friction is the first step towards improved customer loyalty and a loyal customer is not only a returning customer but an engaged one. And an engaged customer is vital and important to your business growth. But frictionless authentication is only the beginning of your mobile journey.

# Grab customer attention, how hard can it be?

Grabbing customer attention leads to more frequent engagement and will allow you to build lasting customer relationships and ultimately lead to more business opportunities.

Doing this is not easy, many companies are competing for this attention, so you need to offer a mobile app they cannot resist. If your app is not one of your customer's chosen ones, you are out of sight, out of mind—and could even risk being out of business altogether.

# Great app experience, how to crack the code?

Customers engage with an app for a number of reasons— checking payment transactions, order updates, a new delivery status, or searching for new products or services.

But the best apps go beyond this. They assist customers in contacting customer service and automatically verify them with the service representative. They keep track of important events, both future and past and allow you to engage with your customers. That is how great app experience helps drive engagement.

# Frequency in the spotlight

High engagement frequency builds relationships and leads to business growth. Simply put, those who return to your business buy more, interact more and engage more. But what exactly do we mean by high engagement frequency? How high is high?

On mobile, you can achieve much higher average engagement frequencies across your customer base—as often as daily. Some banks are finding that by making it easy to check bank balances, customers are returning every day to keep a close eye on their finances. Good and secure authentication is key to enabling this. Read the success story of how Finnish bank S-Pankki did just that.

# Resting on your laurels is not an option

The more sophisticated mobile apps, the happier customers, right? But no, the more mature customers, the higher their expectations. So, you cannot under any circumstances rest on your laurels.

By making authentication key for customer engagement, using mobile apps for business and securing transactions in all channels and focus on constant development, any business can build long-lasting and productive relationships with its customers. The report “Beyond Compliance from Signicat gives some concrete advice.