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Secure login with user authentication

Let your users log in securely

An easy login is the key to a smooth customer journey.

Get multi-factor login with electronic IDs, biometric scanning, SMS/email OTP and in-app solutions.

Meet all requirements for compliance, and improve UX while you're at it!


  • Higher engagement

    Increase user activity on your site or apps.

  • Improved user experience

    Get happier customers with friction-free UX.

  • Stay compliant

    PSD2 compliant SCA for mobile apps and websites.

Go passwordless

Passwords alone are not enough. The key is to combine the right signals so you can be confident in an identity claim.

We couple high security and great user experience in one holy matrimony - enabling you to be fully compliant while improving UX.

Authentication methods

Our solutions are like an à la carte menu. Choose the authentication methods that fit your security level needs:

  • Level of assurance (eIDAS): High

    Allow your customers to securely log in to your services with TouchID and Apple FaceID for iOs plus fingerprint authentication for Android.

    Our mobile authentication solution
    , MobileID, offers proven, banking-grade security needed to perform transactions and other sensitive actions. 

Fingerprint and Face ID authentication provide the best possible user experience and highest in-app engagement rate. It can be used both in-app usage, and as a second factor when authenticating online.

  • Level of assurance (eIDAS): Substantial


Allow your customers to securely log in to your services with national or public eIDs such as BankID or MitID. 

    Using these highly secure methods, you can ensure peace of mind and have the highest level of fraud protection, while providing your customers a convenient way to log in.

  • Level of assurance (eIDAS): Low

    Allow your customers to log in to your service with SMS or email one time passwords.

	"allowedProviders": [
		"nbid", "sbid"
	"flow": "redirect",
	"requestedAttributes": [
	"callbackUrls": {
		"success": "https:/",
		"abort": "",
		"error": ""
Designed for developers

Build authentication solutions with developer-friendly APIs

Integrating with Signicat gives you access to a platform of European ID methods through a single point of integration. You can integrate in three ways: either by using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard, SAML 2.0 or our REST API.

Quickstart Guide
ID methods
Auth0 integration with OIDC

PSD2 compliant authentication for mobile apps and websites

Many services struggle to strike a balance between meeting SCA requirements and maintaining low friction in their apps to ensure high engagement from customers. PSD2-compliant authentication from Signicat helps.

User management

Get full control over who gets access to what. With our Identity and Access Management solution it's easy to register new users and assign access rights in a flash.

Find your solution

Choose the authentication solution that fits your business needs.

  • Developer APIs

    Use Signicat APIs to build secure, compliant identity solutions that meet your requirements.

    • Developer-friendly dashboards
    • APIs for authentication, ID-proofing and signing
    • Supports 35+ ID-methods
    • Fully secure and compliant
  • Identity broker

    User-friendly identity platform to connect and manage eIDs like iDIN, DigiD, eHerkenning, and itsme.

    • Self-service portal with clear user-interface
    • Configure new eID connections
    • Monitor user statistics
  • eHerkenning­broker

    Provide Dutch companies easy access to your online services with eHerkenning.

    • Set up connection with eHerkenning
    • Trusted login method for Dutch companies
    • 400+ organisations use the eHerkenning broker