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Fast and secure mobile authentication with MobileID

Leverage biometrics on mobile devices for better UX for PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication and to replace passwords.

While local biometric implementation and MobileID leverage the same technologies – fingerprint or Face ID – MobileID from Signicat provides far more advanced security.


  • Improve your mobile user experience

    Give your users fast, secure login on their mobile devices using familiar technologies.

  • Authenticate users in less than 3 seconds

    Leverage TouchID and Apple FaceID for iOS plus fingerprint authentication for Android.

  • Support PSD2 strong customer authentication

    Provide PSD2-compliant authentication for users through your mobile app.

Powerful mobile authentication features

  • MobileID may be deployed within your existing mobile app to streamline and simplify the biometric authentication process. While the on-device biometrics can be used to control access to your app itself, MobileID provides a mechanism to secure authentication with your backend systems using the same hardware technology and encryption principles.

  • Through MobileID, service providers can leverage biometric fingerprint and Apple Face ID technology to provide a secure and user-friendly login experience. MobileID enables service providers to deliver fingerprint authentication for in-app usage, and as a second factor when authenticating online. And what’s more, this solution offers more than just biometrics; it ensures devices are bound to their users, resulting in an even greater degree of security.

  • For regulated industries,  MobileID offers built-in PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). For other industries, MobileID provides a cost-efficient solution for replacing passwords with more secure authentication methods.

UX and SCA can be friends

Today’s consumers are used to service at a click. MobileID couples high security with great user experience for the end user – enabling you to meet PSD2 SCA requirements and replace passwords without compromising on UX.

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Compliant, User-friendly Mobile Authentication

  • MobileID is fully compliant with PSD2 SCA and 3D Secure V2.2.

    PSD2 – or the second Payment Services Directive – is EU regulation that governs how we make payments online. According to PSD2, nearly all transactions require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

  • MobileID authentication provides a user experience to maintain or increase transaction success rates with mobile app while using 2 factor authentication (2FA) with biometrics or PIN + possession.

  • With in-app mobile SDK and a single API to access different Electronic IDs (eIDs), you get the tools you need to build secure solutions.

  • MobileID can be delivered in partnership with payment solution providers to simplify set-up and reduce deployment time.

    • Secure log-in to mobile and online banking
    • Security shield for mobile banking app