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MitID: A modern electronic ID for Denmark

MitID will replace NemID. Learn more about this change, and find out why Signicat is your best choice for MitID broker.


  • MitID will replace NemID

    MitID will replace NemID during 2021 and 2022.

  • Signicat is a certified MitID broker

    Signicat has a long track record serving as a digital identity broker, and we are certified as MitID broker.

  • Signicat is an established eID broker across Europe

    Integrates 30+ eIDs and serves 800 customers with identity services across Europe.

Much more than MitID

Expand your business opportunities beyond MitID with Signicats cross-border digital identity platform.

Our platform helps companies expand their business internationally without compromising on security or UX. Our technology combined with extensive domain knowledge allow us to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

Business processes are streamlined with help from solutions for identity proofing, electronic signing and authentication – all available in a single platform.

Denmark’s digital identity infrastructure gets an upgrade

  • NemID is a safe login used by nearly all people in Denmark for online banking, communication with public authorities, identifying themselves in other digital services and more.

    It is a key element in Denmark’s digital infrastructure, but it is getting old and outdated. Therefore the Danish Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen) has initiated a project to replace it with MitID, which will be more flexible and secure.

  • With MitID, online service providers will not be allowed to integrate MitID directly.

    The service providers have to use a digital identity broker. Broker services will be offered in a competitive market, meaning that any company currently using NemID to onboard customers or authenticate users will be able to purchase digital identity services from a vendor of their choice. The digital identity brokers will need to go through a certification by the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

  • Signicat has a long track record as digital identity broker in other European countries.

    The broker role is so to speak part of Signicat’s DNA, and Signicat is in the process of building MitID solutions for existing and new customers. Signicat already helps a large number of Danish companies with their identity verification, authentication and electronic signing needs. To the broker role we will in addition to MitID bring our robust identity platform, which is enabled by our integration of 25 different eID solutions from more than 10 European countries, and our versatile signing service.

Developer-friendly, guaranteed

Our MitID APIs are well-documented, easy to integrate and offer useful tools and dashboards:

MitID overview
Migration from NemID to MitID
Electronic signing with MitID
MitID developer FAQ

Watch a MitID login demo video

Want to see MitID in action? Watch this login (authentication) demo video.

MitID Resources

Broad spectrum of solutions for MitID

  • Start at Basic...

    From 319 DKK /month

    • Simple base package
    • MitID login
    • Basic UX template
    • Public cloud hosting
  • ... and continue up to

    From Get a quote Custom configuration

    • Comprehensive solution
    • MitID login
    • MitID signing
    • CPR-match
    • SSO
    • PSD2 SCA
    • Transactional consent
    • Graphic profile
    • Private cloud
    • >30 eIDs from Europe and Nordics
    • QTSP, SOC2 and ISO27001
    • Service desk support
    • 99.8% uptime SLA

  • Starter pack

    • MitID price per login: 0.02DKK (Third party costs not included.)
    • Limitations may apply.

    Comprehsive solution

    • Volume-based transaction pricing

MitID add-on services

  • The core MitID service allows you to offer login with MitID on your website - just as you have done with NemID. This is the basic service you need to get started with MitID.

  • If you need document signing with MitID, you can choose this service, which makes it possible to offer signing flow using MitID.

  • CPR Match provides the opportunity to confirm that the MitID used is identical to the CPR number the user is asked to enter immediately after the standard MitID login flow.

  • MitID does not support iFrame in the same way as NemID. With a graphic profile, you can customize the pages a user has to go through to, for example, log in with MitID. It is possible to customize colors, logo and text.

  • With MitID it is possible to offer three different security levels: Low, Significant and High. NemID has only used the middle level - Significant.

    With MitID it is possible to allow users to access information at security level Low and High.

    Low can be used for convenience, where the user can, for example, just use MitID username and password. High, on the other hand, is used for extra needs for increased security levels and requires a special combination of MitID authenticators.

  • MitID's support for the three security levels: Low, Significant and High means that you as a user can go from one level to another if the web application itself requires it. If the user is logged in with security level Low and chooses to access self-service services that require security level significant or high, the user can simply provide the difference between security level Low and Significant.

  • Transactional consent allows you to write a text of max 130 characters, which is displayed at the top of the MitID login window, as a kind of consent to the action you want to perform using your MitID.

  • Under PSD2, there are strict requirements for Strong Customer Authentication. This MITID Add-on module ensures that every transaction complies with these requirements.

  • MitID allows for improved user experience by using SSO - Single Sign On. This means that after MitID login to one web application, the user can be forwarded to another web application without having to log in again. The existing MitID session is reused at the party the user is forwarded to.

  • With "Private MitID for Erhverv" it is possible to use a private MitID identity to be represented on behalf of a company that you own or have full control over. After MitID login, the user enters his CPR number and the "Private MitID for Erhverv" module, the possible companies (cvr number) show the used MitID incl. CPR Match lookups can represent.