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Use cases

Ready for take-off as your business customer onboarding reaches new heights with InstantKYB

Signicat's groundbreaking InstantKYB solutions automate your business customer onboarding processes with unified workflows for unparalleled efficiency, mitigate risk and handle regulatory compliance, all at once.

Verify the organisation, identify and check UBO's and understand what the control structure looks like in mere seconds.

InstantKYB is powered by RiskFlow Orchestration by Signicat.


  • It's all automated

    All workflows are automated, no manual intervention.

  • Tailored to local regulations

    Easy to expand, operate in multiple markets and still comply with local regulations.

  • Risk scoring

    Unique risk scoring, filter out bad actors early in the onboarding process.

Step into the world of KYB with workflows from Signicat

Automating KYB processes can be tricky, not sure what to include in your onboarding process? Don't worry, we do!

Our pre-defined workflows will gather and retrieve all the information you need for a secure and compliant business customer onboarding, regardless of country, jurisdiction or industry, combining Signicat products for Identity Proofing and RiskFlow Orchestration. 

We build the workflows, you integrate and orchestrate them in your current business processes.

Seven vital steps, ranging from enriched KYB insights to organisation and ownership verification, and performing PEP/Sanction checks, are all you need, when moving from start to finish.

  • Filter out false applications early at the start of business customer onboarding with data enrichment, risk data checks on mobile number, email address and IP address, before the actual organisation verification. 

  • Automatically collect information from business register, based on organisation name and number.

  • Identity verification of applicant/representative using identity verification methods.

  • Does the representative have the authority to perform functions on behalf of the company? 

  • Identify and check UBO’s, shareholders, board members and directors as well as control structure.

  • Perform full KYC or screening on UBO's and other stakeholders. You decide the type of information you need to obtain.

  • Perform risk checks for AML compliance and PEP/Sanction lists for all stakeholders.  

We offer InstantKYB solutions in five European countries

InstantKYB, pre-designed, unified onboarding workflows for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

All workflows are streamlined and adopted to perfection for each country, making sure valid organisation verification methods are utilised and domestic AML regulations for compliance are met.

Our local experts are at your service, making sure you get access to the workflow that suit your business needs!

Our solutions help transform onboarding

The Total Economic Impact of Signicat study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, describes how Signicat has transformed onboarding for five enterprise companies.

Key findings

  • More than a financial gain, it defines a shift in the trajectory of business success.

  • From hassle to a seamless experience - this was the transformation experienced by these companies.

  • Strengthening security within the business ecosystem and building trust among stakeholders.