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Accept genuine customers and stay ahead of fraudsters

Trust Orchestration is a modular anti-fraud and risk management platform formerly known as Sphonic. A single platform to orchestrate and automate your customer onboarding, AML monitoring, and risk scoring.


  • Orchestrate your flows

    Orchestrate efficient and cost-effective onboarding flows with digital risk insights.

  • Put trust in our experts

    Work with industry experts to comply with AML, KYC/KYB.

  • Game-changing insights

    Access the largest collection of identity and risk data sources through a single API.

How to reduce the risk of fraud and prevent money laundering?

As markets continue to digitise, new business challenges arise:

  • Consumers want convenient, fast, and secure “on-demand services”.
  • Increasing need for remote identification to scale your business.
  • Tighter legislations: deal with tougher 6AMLD, GDPR, and PSD2 requirements.
  • Cope with more systematic fraud and financial crime.

Kick out bad actors early in the process

But how to kick out bad actors early in the customer onboarding flow without affecting user experience? And once you’ve onboarded a new customer, how do you monitor suspicious activity? Many companies struggle with these tasks for several reasons:

  • How to start building a fraud detection process and what data source source provider do I need?

  • How to ensure clients still have frictionless experience, convert and drive revenue?

  • How to keep up with the evolving regulatory landscape?

Play the right note at the right time: Orchestrate Trust

Signicat’s Trust Orchestration offering is here to help! A no-code orchestration platform to manage and optimise all your compliance processes for AML, KYC/KYB, risk and fraud in one go.

Trust Orchestration brings your workflows together in one centralised view. Workflow-design is done with over 95 global risk and identity data sources accessible through a single API.

Don’t know where to start? No worries. Our team of Orchestration experts will solve even the most challenging use cases.

All your RegTech in one place

Our Trust Orchestration platform includes three products:

1. Workflow Manager: Orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys to optimise risk management, prevent financial crime, improve customer experience, and avoid unnecessary costs.

2. Case Manager: Spot risks and fraud attempts in real-time and review individual cases to gain more control over your workflows.

3. AML Transaction Monitoring: Real-time transaction monitoring system to stay on top of AML, fraud and affordability data.

See Trust Orchestration in action

Get a brief introduction from our expert Andy Lee.

Quick implementation of complex workflows

Create an automated onboarding process in days instead of months without writing a single line of code. Save time and money by using one of our best practice workflow templates or customise your own with the support of risk and orchestration experts.

The platform is continuously updated with new data sources and templates. We remove the burden of defining flows, managing different suppliers, and lacking developer capacity.

Regulatory compliance cannot be an afterthought!

AML, PSD2, SCA, ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR, and the list goes on. Understanding the details of all these standards, directives, and regulations is enough to keep you awake at night.

What if you could manage the cost of compliance with technology from industry experts to keep up with the evolving regulatory landscape?

Our experts are pioneers in data orchestration for digital identity, onboarding, and fraud management with decades of combined experience and will help you with just that.

  • Ensure that you’re on top of international and local AML regulations and KYC/KYB practices.

  • Minimise risk, reduce fraud, and avoid compliancy breaches that costs a fortune.

  • Our industry experts will guide you in every step of the risk lifecycle journey, we keep up with the regulations and we’ve got you covered.

Let the right ones in, a no-brainer

First and foremost, accept the genuine customers and clear away the rest. Leverage unique digital risk and data insights when welcoming the good guys and kick out fraudsters immediately.

Retrieve digital customer insights to determine AML risk and filter out bad actors as early as possible through waterfalling principles. With our advanced RegTech solution, you only pay for identity and risk data when needed!

  • Truly get to know your customers at an early stage using an abundance of risk and anti-fraud data sources.

  • Implement advanced waterfalling techniques: spot abnormal and dishonest behaviour as early as possible and only pay for more comprehensive data when needed.

  • Design, optimise and automate your risk workflows tailored to your specific needs and use cases.

Trust Orchestration across industries

Keeping up with evolving regulatory landscape is a necessity for companies in regulated industries. Check out how the following industries saved time and money by handling AML, KYC/KYB in an orderly fashion.

  • Scenario: An international card company needs to automate KYB/AML and security checks on new card issuers in Europe.

    Solution: Signicat's solution orchestrates access to 5 fraud tools, 3 KYB services and 5 ID proofing methods.

    Result: KYB onboarding in 20 seconds instead of days.

  • Scenario: An international online casino company need to automate online player onboarding to facilitate market expansion.

    Solution: Signicat’s solution orchestrates KYC player onboarding and authentication flows and makes sure name, age, proof of address and affordability are checked.

    Result: Players are onboarded in a swift and user-friendly way and the company can expand into new regulated markets within 2-3 weeks.

  • Scenario: An international online betting company casino company need optimised onboarding process to detect fraud and minimise costs.

    Solution: Signicat’s solution automates player onboarding across a number of global markets and identifies fraud and bonus abusers at an early stage.

    Result: Identified 20% of applicants as potential bonus abusers. Identified 12% of applicants as existing customers who do not require KYC checks, reducing the overall onboarding costs.

  • Scenario: An international payment wallet company needs to automate KYC checks to optimise onboarding.

    Solution: Signicat's orchestration solution helped build multi-territory workflows to support clients across a number of markets and deploy data source capabilities for process improvement.

    Result: Average KYC approval rate improved from 27% to 56% within a month.


  • Cross borders seamlessly

  • Grow your business using advanced orchestration

  • Reduced complexity, time-to-market, and operation costs

  • Combat fraudsters and minimise risk

  • Save time and money without compromising user experience