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Trust Orchestration

Stop losing good customers to bad onboarding

Unlock seamless and secure onboarding, elevate customer satisfaction, supercharge compliance and minimise fraud, all through a single point of integration. 

RiskFlow, the ultimate RegTech platform, with access to more than 200 data services.

Unique advantages

RiskFlow turns compliance into a competitive advantage.

  • Improve customer experience

    Stop losing good customers to bad onboarding. 

  • Boost operational efficiency

    Stop struggling with compliance complexities. 

  • Accelerate business performance

    Turn workflow bottlenecks into accelerators.

Customers worldwide use RiskFlow for fraud prevention and risk management.

  • Onboarding rates improved by

    11 percentage points
  • Reduced fraud rates by

  • Run a full KYB check in

    9 seconds
Accept the genuine customers

Streamline KYC and KYB for identity proofing, compliance and anti-fraud to boost onboarding.

Automate the entire customer journey from onboarding to ongoing risk management and provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • We’ll discuss your specific needs and challenges and offer personalised recommendations tailored to your market, industry and juristiction

  • We’ll tailor RiskFlow to your exact requirements. From configuration to integration , we'll ensure your solution aligns perfectly with your objectives.

  • We help automate the entire customer journey from onboarding to ongoing risk management, painless and trouble-free. 

Supercharge compliance and optimise operations

No more compliance clutter, say goodbye to frustrating and inefficient systems.

Tap into 200+ risk and identity sources for maximised efficiency.

  • We'll dive deep into your unique compliance needs and challenges, providing personalised recommendations to streamline your processes and boost productivity. 

  • We understand that every business is different. We customise RiskFlow to fit seamlessly into your existing operations, from fine-tuning configurations to seamless integration.

  • With RiskFlow, you'll revolutionise your operational efficiency. Our platform empowers your team to work smarter by automating manual tasks and providing real-time performance insights.  By providing Vendor Management as a service, we remove the burden of handling all vendors.

Accelerate business performance

Achieve bottom line results when turning workflows from bottlenecks to accelerators

Maximise growth, minimise fraud, reduce cost and enable business expansion in new markets and cross borders.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes for immediate implementation and minimal disruption using one API. Short cut IT development time and go to market sooner with a low-code single integration.

  • RiskFlow provides real-time insights and analytics to identify potential risks and opportunities, empowering proactive decision-making.

  • Stop leaving money on the table. We customise a solution to meet your exact requirements and leave you feeling fully in control with a robust system that optimises business performance and maximises profitability.

Play the right note at the right time, every time: RiskFlow Orchestration!

All your RegTech in one place!

The core product, RiskFlow, features two additional products:

Case manager: Spot risks and fraud attempts and review individual cases to gain more control over your workflow.

AML Transaction Monitoring: Real-time transaction monitoring system to stay on top of fraud, AML, and affordability data.

Save time and money with digital insights

Retrieve digital customer insights to determine AML risk and filter out bad actors as early as possible through waterfalling principles. With RiskFlow, you only pay for identity and risk data when needed!

  • Implement advanced waterfalling techniques: spot abnormal and dishonest behaviour as early as possible and only pay for more comprehensive data when needed.

  • Design, optimise and automate your risk workflows tailored to your specific needs and use cases.

  • Truly get to know your customers at an early stage using an abundance of risk and anti-fraud data sources.

RiskFlow Orchestration across industries

Keeping up with evolving regulatory landscape is a necessity for companies in regulated industries. Check out how the following industries saved time and money by handling AML, KYC/KYB in an orderly fashion:

  • Scenario: An international card company needs to automate KYB/AML and security checks on new card issuers in Europe.

    Solution: Signicat's solution orchestrates access to 5 fraud tools, 3 KYB services and 5 ID proofing methods.

    Result: KYB onboarding in 20 seconds instead of days.

  • Scenario: An international online casino company need to automate online player onboarding to facilitate market expansion.

    Solution: Signicat’s solution orchestrates KYC player onboarding and authentication flows and makes sure name, age, proof of address and affordability are checked.

    Result: Players are onboarded in a swift and user-friendly way and the company can expand into new regulated markets within 2-3 weeks.

  • Scenario: An international online betting company casino company need optimised onboarding process to detect fraud and minimise costs.

    Solution: Signicat’s solution automates player onboarding across a number of global markets and identifies fraud and bonus abusers at an early stage.

    Result: Identified 20% of applicants as potential bonus abusers. Identified 12% of applicants as existing customers who do not require KYC checks, reducing the overall onboarding costs.

  • Scenario: An international payment wallet company needs to automate KYC checks to optimise onboarding.

    Solution: Signicat's orchestration solution helped build multi-territory workflows to support clients across a number of markets and deploy data source capabilities for process improvement.

    Result: Average KYC approval rate improved from 27% to 56% within a month.

Casy study

One of Europe’s leading payment solution providers use RiskFlow for customer onboarding

RiskFlow is used to automate KYB checks for large volumes of SME customer who uses the payment platform.


    All SME customers were manually onboarded, each KYB check was very time consuming and not scalable. The need for an automated process was high. 


    RiskFlow from Signicat was implemented, with automated and tailored workflows handling KYB, KYC, AML, fraud and risk. 


    The onboarding process is swift, saves time and money and the customers are happy. 

    It takes 9 seconds to run a full KYB on an SME (instead of days), the automated pass-through rate is 80 %, the KYB pass rate is 87%.