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Customer onboarding with Identity Proofing

Get the green light before you welcome a new customer.

Open the floodgates for the right customers by doing an identity check automatically in real-time as part of your digital onboarding.


  • Full compliance

    Meet requirements for KYC and AML in onboarding.

  • Higher conversion rates

    Get more customers with better UX.

  • Reduce costs

    Cut manual steps in your onboarding.

Stop the drop offs...

68% of potential customers leave due to bad onboarding experience. Manual steps, complicated processes and confusing UX send them running.

... with smooth KYC and AML compliant digital onboarding

Streamline your onboarding across all digital channels and borders, and watch your conversion rates take off.

How it works

Get a compliant, high-converting onboarding process by automatically sorting out «the bad eggs» in real-time:

1. Verify identity, use eIDs and document scan
2. Remove unqualified users with AML screening
3. Enrich user data from data sources
4. Welcome your new customers!

Identity verification methods

Identity Proofing is all about finding evidence of who a person really is. Signicat provides digital identity methods to achieve this anywhere in the world, without human intervention.

Our solutions are like an à la carte menu. Choose the ID verification methods that fit your security level needs:


Allow your customers to easily verify their identity with national or public eIDs such as BankID or MitID.

    Using these highly secure methods, you can ensure peace of mind and have the highest level of fraud protection, while providing your customers a convenient way to onboard.

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  • Allows you to securely scan international identity documents using video-based verification techniques and obtain verified identity data in the identity proofing process.

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  • Check and monitor customer data against leading national and commercial registries – for both natural persons and organisations.

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  • CDD does not stop when a customer is onboarded.
    Monitor changes to an individual's identifying data over time.

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Find your solution

Choose the identity proofing solution that fits your business needs.

  • Developer APIs

    Use Signicat APIs to build secure, compliant identity solutions that meet your requirements.

    • Developer-friendly dashboards
    • APIs for authentication, ID-proofing and signing
    • Supports 30+ ID-methods
    • Fully secure and compliant