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Digital identity solutions for the full customer journey

From compliant onboarding to secure login and electronic signing – we've got you covered.

  • Full digital identity lifecycle in one place
  • Local compliance across multiple markets
  • Developer-friendly, scalable solutions

Over 13,000 companies globally trust Signicat’s digital identity solutions. Find out why.

Optimise your customer journey

  • Sign up

    Verify identities of people and organisations using trusted sources.

  • Sign of fraud?

    Automate and optimise compliant identity and risk workflows.

  • Sign in

    Log in users quickly and securely and manage access rights.

  • Sign it

    Get documents signed remotely and manage evidence.

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Designed for developers

Build digital identity solutions with developer-friendly APIs

Integrating with Signicat gives you access to a platform of European ID methods through a single point of integration. You can integrate in three ways: either by using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard, SAML 2.0 or our REST API.

Documentation overview
Setup instructions
ID methods

Digital identity doesn't end at hello.

Signicat helps you sign up new customers in an AML and KYC compliant way, sign in existing users with secure authentication, electronically sign legally binding agreements and automate compliant identity and risk workflows. Watch how.

Why choose us?

  • One stop shop

    A complete solution for digital identity covering the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Developer friendly

    Unified APIs, growing developer resources, and experienced customer service teams.

  • Borderless reach

    Futureproof growth with 30+ electronic identity methods and more than 400 digital identity experts.

  • Qualified Trust Service Provider

    We exceed the strictest requirements for security and safety – you can rely on us.

  • Compliance leaders

    Built-in support for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, PSD2 SCA and more.

  • Flexible deployment

    Public and private cloud options to meet your security and compliance requirements.

  • All levels of assurance

    From the simplest to the strictest identity assurance needs – we've got you covered.

  • Scalable solutions

    Quick deployment for smaller use cases, heavy iron for enterprise-wide solutions.

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Signicat delivers the highest levels of security and compliance.

Certifications and Compliance