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Fight fraud
with state-of-the-art identity technology

Companies use Signicat to onboard customers, sign agreements, manage user logins and automate identity workflows – all while fighting fraud and staying compliant across multiple markets.

Over 13,000 companies globally trust Signicat’s digital identity solutions.

Signicat products

The world's most extensive identity platform – one access point

Meet local requirements today and scale for tomorrow’s cross-border growth with an extensive and expanding identity platform covering the entire customer lifecycle. From compliant onboarding and secure login to electronic signing and orchestration – we've got you covered.

Identity Proofing

Verify identities of people and organisations

Open the floodgates for the right customers (and keep the fraudsters out) by doing identity checks automatically, in real-time, as part of KYC/KYB and AML-compliant digital onboarding.


Log in users securely and manage access rights

An easy, secure login is the key to a smooth customer journey. Get multi-factor login with electronic IDs, biometric scanning, SMS/email OTP and in-app solutions.

Electronic Signing

Get documents signed remotely and manage evidence

Start e-signing today with our self-service portal and app, or integrate signatures in your existing business processes through our robust APIs and audit service solution.

Trust Orchestration

Automate and optimise compliant identity and risk workflows

Orchestrate, build, visualise and automate business flows for risk management, KYC/KYB and AML-compliant onboarding, secure authentication and electronic signing.

Over 240 identity methods. One platform.

Signicat supports 240+ data sources to identify businesses and individuals – from national eIDs, ID-document scanning and biometric verification to data sources for AML, KYC checks and more.

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Designed for developers

Build digital identity solutions with developer-friendly APIs

Integrating with Signicat gives you access to a platform of European ID methods through a single point of integration. You can integrate in three ways: either by using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard, SAML 2.0 or our REST API.

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Setup instructions
ID methods

Electronic signing made easy

Manage signatures from anywhere with the world's most efficient app

Quickly and securely sign legally binding documents in the EU with Dokobit by Signicat. Easy-to-use features, mobile apps and full compliance make paperless document signing simple.

3 free signatures per month

View paid plans

Orchestration solutions

No-code automation of compliant end user journeys

Design, build and deploy automated business flows by combining Signicat's modular identity components – from ready-to-use templates and drag-and-drop solutions to fully tailored workflows supported by our Professional Services team.

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Signicat delivers the highest levels of security and compliance.

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