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Identity Proofing

ID Documents and Biometric verification

Step up your global onboarding process with optimal, automated and compliant identity video verification with Signicat’s VideoID: identity document and biometric verification based on video in streaming.

All accessible through a single point of integration.

  • Fast onboarding

    Verify an identity in 25-30 seconds.

  • Flexible

    Works on any device at any time, true omni channel.

  • Universal

    Available in all regions, 155 countries and for any industry.

ID Documents and Biometric identification

VideoID from Signicat allows you to securely scan international identity documents using video verification techniques and obtain verified identity data in the identity proofing process.

Compare facial patterns and liveness checks to avoid identity fraud. The fast, secure and compliant solution, preferred by many regulated industries.

100 % compliant standard

VideoID, the video verification streaming technology from Signicat, with the same level of security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification, has become the standard for ID verification processes that require high security.

Many countries worldwide have already introduced regulations allowing customer onboarding through verification by video streaming technology, such as the vast majority of European countries.

Choose the VideoID solution that fits your needs

VideoID handles all levels of assurance according to eIDAS. Choose the video verification method that fits your use case and suits your security requirements method of identification. Signicat's video verification services:

  • ID document image matching, including biometric identity checks, validity and environment control.

  • ID document image matching combined with biometric verification. Liveness detection, including anti-spoofing and face biometric scoring for face and photo comparison. Real-time user guidance.

  • ID document image matching combined with agent and biometric verification. Increase from Substantial to High using 24/7 asynchronous verification, use our video verification app for agent verification. AML-compliant with the highest level of security for customer onboarding.

Combine QES with VideoID and onboard without barriers

Scale to any country within the eIDAS regulation scope by adding the Qualified Electronic Signature to your VideoID process. This combination offers the same level of legal compliance as the handwritten signature while stepping up your reach and security.

VideoID knows no limits

Automatic, faster, easier and more secure than video conference. One seamless online video verification process that opens the door to a limitless number of customers onboarded.

24/7 agent verification, cross-border reach, and sound compliance across Europe.

Take your video identification process one step higher.

Access additional eIDV techniques

Signicat offers access to all leading eIDV techniques.

  • Verify online using a call-center support agent, in a video conference.

  • Automated identity verification, take a picture of your ID document and a selfie, with your camera mobile phone or desktop webcam.

  • Read data from your Identity Document using NFC (Near Field Communication).

  • Use advanced 3D face mapping techniques to verify identities.

Additional eIDVs for onboarding