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Digital Evidence Management: Reliable evidence of who did what and when

Be prepared for an audit of your transactional data or consent messages.

With stricter regulations and the need to fulfil tougher audit requirements, it is necessary for many businesses to have a digital process in place for storing and managing data and consent.


  • Reliable evidence

    Get reliable evidence of who did what and when.

  • Stay compliant

    Handle audits in a fast and secure manner.

  • Save money and time

    Get rid of costly manual work.

What is Digital Evidence Management?

Curious how our service for safe storage and management of consent and transactional data can make all the difference?

  • An audit service offering from Signicat. We help provide evidence of digital transactions, consent, payments or events occurred and who was involved.

  • We handle the burden of storing, validating and protecting data and messages.

  • You can handle audits and inspections in a fast and secure manner, to make sure disputes are reacted on, complaints are resolved, claims are handled and incidents are reported.

  • We help remove time consuming and costly manual work to find the disputed items and prove the content.

  • DEM can be used in any country and any market.

  • DEM can be used for full audit of Identity Proofing, Authentication and Signing processes, covering the entire digital customer journey.

DEM in practice

What does Digital Evidence Management from Signicat give you?

  • Signicat offers high volume and long-time storage of data in a secure manner. Customers decide which data to store and for how long. 

  • Signicat acts as a data processor, we cannot see the stored data, the customer owns and controls the data and can add, retrieve and delete.

  • We provide tools for powerful and efficient search in real-time. You can search on system provided data as well as user provided data.

  • We seal and secure critical data elements by adding a qualified timestamp over message/consent and subject (user). Elements are validated upon retrieval.

  • Signicat plan to offer “Evidence Certificates” on demand, in the format of a sealed PDF file.

DEM scenarios

Digital Evidence Management can come in handy in many scenarios:

    • When did a payment occur?
    • What payment channel was used, online bank, app, account to account?
    • Did the payment trigger Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?
    • Audit consent
    • Audit information rights
    • Audit the right to be forgotten
    • Retrieve events related to KYC and AML.
    • Trace and find evidence of fraud attempts and proactively prevent them from happening.
    • Establish complaint handling mechanisms.