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Beyond compliance

The delicate matter of establishing mutual trust – Beyond Compliance report

Regular use of a mobile app creates a virtuous circle, a true win for both the app provider and the customer. The more customers engage with a mobile app, the more likely they trust it. And the greater the trust, the more likely they keep using the app.

# Overcoming the first hurdle

Establishing trust and creating a virtuous circle is far from easy, especially overcoming the very first hurdle. Sensible consumers are careful with online and mobile channels and official advice is to always be cautious. Media is often filled with horror stories about scams, making many wary of mobile business.

This makes it hard to engage in the first place.

# Trust can be a balancing act

Driving engagement and driving trust can be in on a collision course, a somewhat of a dilemma for service providers.

It’s a fact that some friction helps to build trust. A consumer who’s required to provide additional security details – for instance use biometrics, gains a little more confidence in an app.

Context is everything. Consumers expect regular interactions to generate minimal friction but are more willing to accept friction when it comes to rare activities, for instance transferring large amounts of money.

The balancing act lies in identifying exactly the right friction level, where trust and engagement is hamonised.

# Turn friction into a winning concept

Introduce a little bit of friction, where appropriate, in your customer interaction, and you will gain trust, strange as it may seem. The friction may not be 100% necessary but can be incredibly valuable in building trust with the customer and will not affect engagement in a negative way.

The aim is for a customer to have complete confidence in what’s going on, regardless of if they are in an app or on a website.

# Trust is a fresh commodity

Trust is a fresh commodity and something that must be earned, every day. What has taken a long time to establish can easily be demolished if you are not attentive.

The ultimate goal is to make authentication as easy as possible, add required friction when necessary and put continuous trust development high on your priority list. The report “Beyond Compliance” from Signicat gives some concrete advice.