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e-Signing Portal

Easily and securely sign legally binding documents in the European Union. With Dokobit Portal by Signicat it’s a breeze.

  • Free edition

    • Sign up to 3 signatures per month for free!
    • Choose between three plans and get started in minutes.
    • Professional

      For single user who needs to e-sign documents regularly or in greater volume.
    • Business

      For various size teams that need to sign, share and manage documents together.
    • Enterprise

      For large teams that need to implement large-scale digital processes across their organisations.

Digital Identity APIs

Transparent and flexible pricing for companies of all sizes.

  • Starter

    Getting started? Perfect for start-ups and companies with a smaller scope.

    From €49 /month

    • Free access to test environment
    • Go live with real customers in minutes
    • Pick one of our most popular APIs
    • Choose one ID method or information source
    • Price per transaction from €0.05
  • Essential

    Growing across markets? Get all the digital identity essentials.

    From €395 /month

    • Everything in Starter, plus:

    • Access to one extra production account
    • Pick up to two APIs
    • Choose up to three ID methods or information sources
  • Customised

    Going big? Meet enterprise-grade requirements for security, compliance and uptime.

    Custom Contact sales for pricing

    • Everything in Essential, plus:

    • Volume & multi-product discounts
    • Unlimited markets and identity methods
    • Priority access to Customer Success and Support
    • Multiple accounts for testing and production
    • Custom domains and theming
    • Access to additional security features​*
    • Priority access to compliance and reporting: ISO, SOC2, EBA, privacy report​
    • Enhanced SLA

Signicat Mint

No-code builder for compliant end-user journeys

  • Free to test

    Schedule a demo call with and we'll set you up with a test account so you can give Signicat Mint a spin.

    From 0€ Free to test

    • Try out all Signicat Mint features
    • No credit card required
    • Move to paid plan when you're ready
  • Get the features you need to build great onboarding experiences – plus capabilities to scale your business.

    From €495 /month + transaction fees

    • No-code journey builder
    • Compliant electronic signatures
    • Lookups on risk and identity data
    • Verify identities with electronic IDs
    • Intuitive form builder
    • Analytics on deployed flows
    • Advanced and Enterprise packages available

      Expand your business to multiple markets and meet the strictest requirements for security, compliance and uptime.
    • Deploy to multiple countries
    • Always locally compliant
    • Enhanced security measures
    • Full customer lifecycle
    • Library of add-on features
    • Highest level SLA
    • Custom DDOS protection and firewalls
    • CAPTCHA on risky sessions
    • Signing keys stored in hardware security modules (HSM)
    • Customized security configuration
    • QTSA timestamping of audit log events
    • Your own SSL certificate
    • Sovereign cloud

    Looking for something else?
    Talk to our security experts​