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Identity Proofing

eID Hub

Secure, convenient and efficient identity verification for simplified access to online services, using electronic identities.

Signicat integrates over 35 electronic identities (eIDs) across Europe. eIDs allow you to verify that people are who they say they are online without compromising user experience. eIDs can be used for several purposes: identity proofing, user authentication, and electronic signing.

  • Worlds largest offering

    Integrate with 35 eID methods, use the eID Hub from Signicat.

  • Engagement

    Higher customer engagement with trusted eID methods.

  • Expertise

    Work with market leading eID experts, with decades of experience.

Signicat solved the complexities around identification for us, both technically and legally

Geir Atle Bore CEO @ FundingPartner logo
Geir Atle Bore CEO @ FundingPartner

When strangers drive your car - digital identity in car-sharing

See how Hyre, Norwegian car-sharing company solved the identity challenge and expanded into other Scandinavian countries.

Signicat provided an identification solution that solved the intricate login process and Hyre could expand. It took FIVE days to solve, not five months!