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Electronic signing

Electronic signing with Dokobit by Signicat

Easily and securely sign legally binding documents in the European Union.

With Dokobit by Signicat it’s a breeze.

Say hi to Dokobit!

Dokobit, part of Signicat, is a PKI-based solutions provider offering businesses and public sector SaaS solutions for signing and validation processes. Dokobit fully complies with the eIDAS regulation and is one of few in the world Qualified Trust Service Providers for e-signatures and e-seals validation, included in the EU Trusted Service List.

Electronic signatures are not scribbled images on a document. At Dokobit, all e-signatures are created using high-assurance eIDs and meet the strictest requirements set forth under the EU eIDAS regulation.

  • Equal to handwritten signatures

    Dokobit supported Qualified Electronic Signatures are equal to handwritten signatures.

  • Tamper-proof documents

    All documents signed in Dokobit are secured against forgery and backdating.

  • Legally binding

    Dokobit supported e-signatures are legally binding and accepted across the entire EU.

Everything you need to work smarter

Dokobit introduces you to a smarter way to get stuff done faster. e-Signing is just a small part of what you can do with it.

  • Sign documents with legally binding signatures and qualified timestamps in all document signings to ensure security against forgery and backdating.

  • Check whether signatures on the documents received from other parties are valid and legally binding.

  • Sign documents with people all over Europe, as Dokobit supports the variety of eIDs and document formats.

  • Use Dokobit in English, Estonian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian or Norwegian.

  • Only intended persons who authenticate with an eID matching that person can access documents.

  • Get informed when your signature is needed or when other parties have signed the document.

  • See all actions performed by the users through a detailed list of events.

  • Discuss important topics and leave notes for other signing parties.

  • Save contacts to an address book to easily find them next time you need to share a document.

Dokobit on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.

With Dokobit’s mobile app get all the awesome portal features on the go plus instant notifications about what’s going on with your documents right to your mobile phone.

Features for teams

Boost your digital transformation with Dokobit’s features for teams. Smooth signing processes, neatly organised documents and intuitively easy management of data are the things your team, customers and partners will thank for.

  • Add additional consents to the documents to make sure they are viewed and confirmed by the responsible person before signing.

  • Create a sequence of actions for every signing party to make sure the document signing process is well-rounded and in order.

  • Set deadlines and additional reminders to make sure other parties sign on time.

  • Sort documents into categories for a more convenient and orderly experience, and manage user rights to edit, share or delete documents assigned to categories.

  • Apply different roles for users: they have to sign a document or can only view it.

  • Easily manage accounts of your team members and document access rights using centralised controls to make sure sensitive documents stay in the right hands.

  • Reduce time spent on paying separate invoices. You can give each team member their own Dokobit account, and pay for everything with a single invoice.

  • Use different accounts for company and private purposes in order to separate document ownership, intended usage and costs.

Enterprise features

With branded UX and premium services it will feel just like home, for you, your customers and your partners.

  • Provide branded document signing experience for your customers and business partners.

  • Integrate API for automating actions in document signing portal right into your information system.

  • Get personal trainings on Dokobit portal usage and other help needed to start using the portal.

  • Get all the support you may need throughout the entire Dokobit usage period.

  • Get guaranteed services availability 24/7.

Find the right plan for you

Easily and securely sign legally binding documents in the European Union. With Dokobit Portal by Signicat it’s a breeze.

  • Free edition

    From 0 €

    • Sign up to 3 signatures per month for free!
  • From 13 € per user per month

    • Choose between three plans and get started in minutes.
    • Professional

      For single user who needs to e-sign documents regularly or in greater volume.
    • Business

      For various size teams that need to sign, share and manage documents together.
    • Enterprise

      For large teams that need to implement large-scale digital processes across their organisations.