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Get documents signed remotely and manage evidence

One document or multiple, one signer or several? No problem, put trust in our signatures.

Choose a plan that suits you, and enjoy your new paperless life!


  • Verified signer identity

    You can be certain of who the signer is.

  • Integrated or web based

Integrate signing into your existing systems and processes or use web based portal.

  • Fully compliant

    Meet all requirements for AES/QES, eIDAS and PAdES.

Go beyond scribbles

Anyone can scribble a name on a signature line. But a signature alone is not a verification of identity. 

We bundle electronic signatures with identity verification as a part of the signing process, so you know for sure who signed the document.

The most secure, comprehensive electronic signing solutions available

  • Our signatures are compliant with EU regulations including:

      • Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) according to the eIDAS regulation.
      • eIDAS requirements for AES and QES signatures.
      • Qualified timestamps.
      • PAdES and XAdES signature formats.

    Learn more about Signicat Certifications and Compliance

  • As one of the few companies certified by EU as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, we can timestamp and guarantee the authenticity of electronically signed documents long into the future.

    Learn more

  • All electronically signed documents contain Long-Term Validation (LTV) information making it valid far into the future and possibility for automatic re-sealing.

Choose your solution

Choose the electronic signing solution that fits your requirements:

  • Electronic signature API

    Fully customised solution with the highest level of compliance and support to fit your unique needs.

    • More complex use cases.
    • European identity methods.
    • Integrate with business processes.

"The cornerstone of an electronic signature is whether you can trust the signature."

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Development Director, Alexandria

We contribute to a greener and more sustainable world

Digital signatures are not only user-friendly, but also earth-friendly.

We helped save 1200 tonnes of paper waste, 55000 trees and 185 million litres of water since we launched electronic signing.