Mobiilivarmenne is an eID offered jointly be the Finnish mobile operators, using mobile phone SIM card as carrier. Mobiilivarmenne is part of the FTN eID system. Customers that order FTN from Signicat, get all the banks' eIDs and Mobiilivarmenne through one integration and one agreement. Mobiilivarmenne can also be ordered as a separate eID. Mobiilivarmenne is at Finnish eID level 2, corresponding to eIDAS level substantial.

The mobile operators that offer Mobiilivarmenne are Telia, Elisa and DNA. Since the operators utilise a roaming setup, integration to one of the operators is sufficient to reach all Mobiilivarmenne subscribers.



Data Available

  • Name
  • National identification number

Integration options

  • OIDC
  • SAML
  • Sign API

Use cases

  • Authentication
  • Digital onboarding
  • Electronic signing

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