“It’s not easy to find a partner that shares the same mindset, but Signicat was able to visualize the future in the same way.”

Daan van den Eshof Product Manager Rabo Identity Services

The challenge

As traditional institutions increasingly come under threat from fintechs, challenger banks and big tech companies, Rabobank realised that its existing services were under threat from commodification and disintermediation by competition. However, in the age of password fatigue and hackers, consumers and businesses need a new way to build mutual trust and ensure that the business is legitimate, and the customer is genuine.

As a trusted entity, Rabobank knew it was in pole position to take its brand equity, customer data, and position in the value chain, to provide digital identity service to improve the speed, security and utility of online commerce. However, the bank’s stakeholders knew that it needed to focus on trust, not transactions.

The challenge Rabobank’s enterprise clients faced was that KYC and AML regulations demand banking grade identification and authentication of end users. This required additional processes that degraded the user experience. Rabobank wanted to develop a digitized service for its enterprise clients to make onboarding simpler and more convenient, and ultimately increase online conversion and ensure compliance.

The solution

Rabobank needed a partner that understood the digital identity space to help build a new platform, and so approached Signicat. After working closely together, Rabo Identity Services, a bank-led Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP), was launched in 2017.

The DISP was the first of its kind, and brings together Rabobank’s experience with large, multinational enterprises, Signicat’s digital identity technology, and a host of identity scheme providers. The result is a single, cross-border method for digital onboarding, login, signature, and archiving that avoids cumbersome UX for consumers and high manual costs for enterprises.


The platform enables end users to use a range of identity schemes to access online services, including the Dutch IDs, iDIN and DigiD, others from around Europe including NemID and Freja ID, and social logins such as Google.

The results

Since collaborating to create the DISP, Rabo Identity Services has been able to increase online conversion for its enterprise clients. A fairly straightforward identity process means that the cost that per identification has reduced dramatically, translating to a 58% saving per transaction.

In total, Rabo Identity Services has saved Rabobank €502,848 in the time since launch, while also offering customers a far better experience, identifying themselves digitally rather than using slow and frustrating manual methods.

Rabo Identity Services has been widely recognised by the financial services industry for its innovation with multiple award wins and nominations. In 2018, Aite Group, a leading independent research firm in the financial services industry, awarded the project its Impact Innovation Award in the Digital Channel Capabilities category.

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    Saving cost per identification transaction


About the client

Rabobank is an international financial services provider headquartered in the Netherlands, and serves 8.4 million clients around the world.It is a cooperative bank with an unparalleled knowledge of the food and agricultural industry.

Measured by Tier 1 capital, Rabobank Group is one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Lundqvist Tomas 07 MV-3

Tomas Lundqvist

Director Strategic Partnerships and Products

Svea Ekonomi Finland

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