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Plugins overview

Authentication, Identity Proofing

Secure authentication and provisioning of Okta Integration Network users with 30+ eIDs.

Secure authentication and provisioning for Okta users with 30+ eIDs.

Easy access to the Signicat eID hub, with integrations to more than 30+ European electronic identities, in order to enable secure authentication and provisioning onboarding for Okta Integration Network users from many different countries.

The Okta integration makes it easy for application developers to add support for European eID methods and give their customers a convenient way to access services with an ID they already know and trust.

  • 100 % fully integrated in the Okta Integration Network
  • Off-the-shelf solution, simple and user-friendly integration.
  • The solution offers a quick way to integrate Signicat authentication services using a single point of integration, for example through the OICD protocol.
  • The solution is available in the Okta Integration Network

Authenticate with highly trusted and secure methods to match your needs: for example, BankID NO and BankID SE, MitID, Finnish Trust Network (FTN), itsme, iDIN, nPA, France Connect, Smart-id and more.