Missed Finovate this year? Watch Signicats demo video

Signicat demo video from Finovate Europe 2017

At Finovate Europe 2017 in London, Signicat demonstrated rapid onboarding and digital signing using Signicat Assure and Signicat Sign.

Signicat Assure uses a combination of existing national eIDs, digital verification of identity papers (ID cards, passports, utility bills etc), commercial identities (for example Facebook and Google) and other methods to verify an identity. The strength of the assurance lies in combining several methods. Signicat Sign allows customers to sign digital documents, which ensures integrity (that the content is not changed), origin (that the signer can be verified) and non-repudiation (that the sender cannot deny the signature).

In case you missed it. Watch Signicats demo video here:

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Finovate Europe 2017

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