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The State of Digital Identity in the Nordics 2024

The Nordic region is leading the charge in adopting digital identities, revolutionising day-to-day activities.

Explore how citizens in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands seamlessly manage their banking, healthcare, and more through digital identity solutions. 

Our latest report delves deep into the electronic identity (eID) landscape of these countries, aiding organisations in compliance and enhancing customer experiences.

Gain insights into the current market of electronic identities (eIDs) across the Nordics, discover future trends businesses should consider when implementing digital identity strategies, and learn how to bridge the gap for cross-border services in the Nordics and beyond.

The State of Digital Identity in the Nordics 2024

The report covers

  • Nordic eID Solutions

    Explore the various electronic identity solutions available in the Nordic countries and their impact on businesses and consumers.

  • Regulatory Updates

    Stay informed about the latest regulatory changes affecting digital identity and how they shape the landscape.

  • Challenges & Benefits

    Discover practical advantages and obstacles in using eIDs across the Nordic region.

  • Future Outlook

    Gain insights into upcoming developments and understand their potential implications for the future in the Nordic region.

Webinar | The State of Digital Identity in the Nordics

Join our industry experts for an informative discussion, where we delve into the latest developments in the Nordic electronic identity (eID) landscape. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and advancements surrounding eIDs in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Additionally, we look into the complexities of digital identity throughout the Nordics and its connection to the wider European landscape, and offer insights into how the EUDI Wallet might affect the region.