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Electronic signatures

Fast track to electronic signatures in Microsoft Azure

Secure, compliant, legally binding electronic signatures, integrated in Azure.

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Signicat AS


Getting started guide

Signicat Sign Portal verifies the identity of the signer by connecting to electronic identities. This gives you the security of knowing who signed the document and when this happened and allows you to safely digitise signing of even the most important and sensitive documents.

  • No downloads, installations, integrations or developer skills needed. Just log in!
  • Guaranteed verified signer identity, every time, all signatures are verified with electronic ID’s and timestamped in PAdES format.
  • Legally binding signatures that stand up in any court.
  • Protect confidential documents, using hardcore security measures for secure login and secure sharing features.
  • Fully compliant, meets all EU regulations for electronic signatures, advanced data security and GDPR.
  • Mobile friendly and available 24/7.
  • Cloud hosted solution, Microsoft Azure.

Signicat is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider for timestamping according to eIDAS.

Certifications and Compliance

Sign using Nordic national ID schemes

The web-based portal leverages electronic identities (eIDs), such as Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, MitID and Finnish Trust Network, to ensure a secure, verified signing experience and efficient signing process management. For enhanced security, you can protect documents from unauthorised access.

The Signicat Sign portal allows you to sign anywhere, anytime, anyplace.