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Plugins overview

Identity Proofing

Make sure your data is protected at all points of risk - from sender to recipient.

Pave the way for secure email and file transfer.

Reduce fraud by using electronic proof of identity for securely sending and receiving sensitive data and secure your data exactly when it needs it most. Powered by its many innovations, Cryptshare now offers authentication, using Swedish BankID.

The BankID integration is powered by Signicat. The integration authenticates the user before he or she opens an e-mail, offering basic identity proofing! The integration offers ease if use and maximum security, all using a familiar electronic identity solution, well know to the many users.

Cryptshare is available for Office 365 & Outlook, as a web application, and has several automation tools for the secure and automated transfer of information.

By combining ease of use with permanent security, Cryptshare helps companies support, optimise, and secure their business processes.