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Identification principles for FTN

The Finnish Trust Network (FTN) is established by the Finnish government and is supervised by Traficom. The aim of FTN is to provide strong authentication services for citizens to access public and private services in Finland.

FTN includes electronic identities for Finnish Bank eIDs (FTN) and Mobiilivarmenne.

Signicat acts as an intermediary for these electronic identities.

Signicat identity broker

For more information about Signicat, see

# Service pricing

An authenticating end-user does not have to pay for using Signicat's broker service, instead Signicat has commercial agreements with the online service providers (online shops, service portals, etc.). Pricing is based on subscription (fixed monthly fee) and transaction fees (dynamic based on usage). Signicat bills through the third-party fees for identity service providers (e.g. online banks) as described in Finnish legislation: Laki vahvasta sähköisestä tunnistamisesta ja sähköisistä luottamuspalveluista (29.3.2019/412), section 12 c §.