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– Secure login and electronic signing help us serve our members in a secure and flexible way.
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Jari Malmberg
Tietohallintopäällikkö, Tehy

The challenge

Tehy is the largest trade union of health and social care professionals in Finland and offers a wide range of services to its members. To serve its members even better, Tehy has made many services available online through membership pages 24/7. Members can get an overview of their membership fees, access the union’s legal support and for example sign up for courses through the portal, and sign various documents. The portal has relied on login based on member number and password, but they wanted to provide a more secure login method for their members.

Tehy has over 200 local branches that handle thousands of confidential documents each year. The signing of these documents has required a traditional print-sign-scan-send-process, which was deemed time consuming, prone to human errors and suboptimal for confidential documents. Tehy set a goal to digitize signing of these documents in a way that is fully integrated as part of the organization’s document management system.

The solution

Tehy needed a secure login solution that would be scalable to support the large user base and frequent login, and reduce the complexity to the end users. The member pages have a lot of personal, even sensitive information about the members, keeping the information safe is important. To meet these requirements, Tehy selected Signicat’s strong identification services based on Finnish online banking credentials (eIDs) and Mobile certificate, which are already used by the members when online banking or logging into public services.

The results

Signicat’s secure authentication solution has been well received by Tehy’s members, who appreciate the convenience of login with banking credentials or Mobile certificate. Logging into the member services portal is significantly safer than login that is based on username and password. In the future, secure login based on online banking credentials and Mobile certificate can fully replace other traditional login methods.

From maintenance perspective, secure authentication delivered as a service is considerably more simple and cost efficient than direct integrations with all banks that issue online banking credentials or the Mobile certificate.

Tehy’s own staff and branch members can now conveniently use their banking credentials or Mobile certificate to sign documents wherever they are, even on a mobile device.