Video: Frictionless mobile authentication using Signicat MobileID

MobileID is all about ensuring secure authentication, be it via PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition. With more and more people using mobile devices for significant financial transactions, it is vital that everyone be able to carry out day-to-day tasks securely.

Mobile identity is, quite simply, essential.

The smoother and more intuitive the authentication experience, the more likely it is that your customer will remain loyal to your company. With Signicat MobileID, your customers can log in to an account in less than three seconds without ever compromising their level of security. It has been designed to leverage the latest in iOS and Android technology, meaning that it can harness the power of biometrics to ensure that everyone is exactly who they say they are.

Watch this video to see Signicat MobileID in action:

4. MobileID_2


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