Video: Digital on-boarding in 60 seconds

Did you know that, despite the majority of people wanting to onboard digitally, around half of those that begin the on-boarding process online quit before completion?

Our research has found that there are numerous reasons for such abandonment – from being put off by the length of the application process, to the need to send personal documentation in the post. And, due to growing concerns over personal security, it makes sense that people are increasingly unwilling to hand over sensitive information.

However, the answer to this issue could well lie in the adoption and subsequent utilisation of advanced technology, such as eIDs. Not only can this speed up the on-boarding process, which will inevitably enhance the customer experience, but it can also afford customers additional levels of confidence.

Watch this short video to see the next level of digital on-boarding in action:

1. Onboarding 60 seconds_2-1

And the end result? Fewer people abandoning the on-boarding process, and more new customers acquired. Digital on-boarding is the future.

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