Unlocking global business opportunities in digital channels with digital identity 

Going digital is at the heart of most growth strategies, and we’ve helped companies build trust in digital channels for over 10 years. 

Building trust begins during customer onboarding, which has proven to be a challenge across Europe: up to 40% of consumers report abandoning financial services applications because of cumbersome, intrusive and time-consuming application process. In other words, the financial services industry is wasting millions of Euros on digital marketing that never converts to business. 

Today, we’re excited to share that our identity verification offering, Signicat Assure, has been enhanced to provide a global reach. This means that we connect you to the tools that can verify the identity of people anywhere in the world.

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Signicat Assure leverages Signicat’s Digital Identity Hub, an unmatched reach of third party electronic identity schemes (eID), electronic Identity Document Verification services (eIDVs) and lookups (attribute providers). This allows us to deliver Signicat Assure as a flexible service to each of our customers based on their requirements, such as attributes, geographical reach and the needed level of assurance.

Our strength is our ability to combine all of these (eIDs, eIDVs and attributes) through one platform, making it simple for service providers. Attribute providers are used either to get additional information or to validate information given by user input or received from untrusted sources.

What’s new with Signicat Assure? 

1. Agent-based verification allows Signicat customers to perform video based eIDV transactions with agent review that comply with eIDAS level high and thereby satisfies the more demanding regulations.  

2. Automated document verification allows Signicat customers to automatically process more than 6000 different identity document types in 208 countries, powered by AI the document verification is automated, with manual review on exceptions. This removes the burden of manual inspection from Signicat's customers.

3. NFC reading of passports allows Signicat customers to build NFC reading capabilities into their native mobile apps. When used with supported electronic machine readable travel documents this results in signed identity attributes and a high resolution image from the document that effectively removes the risk of fraudulent documents.

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