Signicat expands digital identity verification offering to cover 208 countries

Trondheim, 23 October 2019
– Signicat, the Trusted Digital Identity™ company, today announces new capabilities which expands the reach and reliability of its digital identity verification offering. Through a new technical interface and new 3rd party integrations, Signicat can now offer identity verification in 208 countries through identity document scanning, web-based video interviews, and NFC scanning of passports, all of which helps businesses increase confidence and reduce risk as they enter into digital relationships with their customers. 

With this new release, Signicat provides the most complete solution for digital customer onboarding. A newly rebuilt API means new digital identity verification methods can be easily added to the Signicat Digital Identity Platform, providing a future-proof solution for businesses looking to digitally onboard their customers. This new solution ensures underlying technologies and methods can be enhanced, combined, or replaced quickly and easily, depending on need.

“The Internet has damaged the concept of trust and created a world where it is easy to masquerade as someone else. Businesses, particularly those in regulated industries, need to maintain trust in their customer relationships. But as digitization of customer engagement processes grows, reducing risk and fraud is vital,” said Gunnar Nordseth, CEO at Signicat. “Our aim with this release is to future-proof our platform to ensure we can provide our customers with access to best-in-class identity verification technologies across a wide range of markets, all accessible through a single integration point.”

What's new in Signicat Assure?

With this release, Signicat also introduces three new integrations:  

1. Agent-based verification  allows Signicat customers to perform web-based video interviews for identity verification transactions via an integration with Electronic Identity’s VideoID offering. This type of video interview review complies with eIDAS level “High” and thereby satisfies the more demanding regulations.  

2. Automated identity document verification  allows Signicat customers to automatically process more than 6000 different identity documents types, such as passports, drivers licenses, national ID cards and more, via an integration with OnFido’s AI-powered document verification system. This removes the burden of manual inspection from Signicat's customers.   

3. NFC reading of passports  allows Signicat customers to build NFC reading capabilities into their native mobile apps via an integration with ReadID’s mobile ID verification system. When used with supported eMRTD  (electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents) this results in signed identity attributes and a high resolution  image from the document that effectively removes the risk of fraudulent documents.  

Furthermore, these and other identity verification methods can be combined to reduce risk and fraud while maintaining a good user experience to ensure successful transactions.

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