Traficom recommends replacing TUPAS and using an eID broker – Learn how

Signicat has the full readiness to serve you with authentication services via the Finnish Trust Network. The new eID brokering service model facilitated by the Finnish Trust Network makes it easy to deploy strong customer authentication as a service and it also lowers the fees through regulated pricing. The companies that take care of their reputation should act now.

For the companies providing digital self-services, now it is a perfect time for a self-assessment. The deployment of eID based strong customer authentication is currently much easier than before. The Finnish Trust Network (FTN) service model aims at promoting the use of strong customer authentication (SCA) also in such digital self-services where the law does not require the use of the SCA.

As an eID broker, Signicat is a member of the FTN. The eID broker will collate and orchestrate the different eID services and facilitates the eID method usage for the customer organisation through one single agreement with the eID broker. The supervising authority Traficom recommends using an eID broker.

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Strong customer authentication is often used with these digital self-services 

Contract and order management e.g. within insurance, leasing, rental and lending services is one major area where SCA is required. Other examples are pharmaceutical and medical document management and medicine orders, healthcare, loyalty programs, credit worthiness checks, debt collection, payment and cash management services, trading of valuable assets, sanction list and politically exposed person searches, maintenance services of high-value equipment, personal record management, recruiting and personnel rental and on-line gambling.
Furthermore many regulations state requirements on the user identification and authentication. These include among others KYC, AML, GDPR, PSD2 and in Finland the law on electric identification. 

Full compliance with the coming Tupas change

Tupas protocol change into message level encryption in between the banks and Signicat will be done before the deadline of end September 2019. The connections in between Signicat and customer will be implemented using the message level encryption. 

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Full readiness to serve within the Finnish Trust Network

Signicat has all contracts in place with all banks in relation to the Finnish Trust Network. The needed agreements are available also for the Mobiilivarmenne based authentication.

Regulated very low pricing

Signicat FTN customers can utilize regulated transaction pricing which will be lowered even further in near future.

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