Somebody has to close those deals

This blog was originally published on the Idfy blog on 30th October 2018. Signicat acquired Idfy in July 2019, and Idfy is now a core part of the Signicat team.

You can disrupt all you want – if you don’t have a salesforce to close the deals, you won’t get anywhere. That’s why you need to give your salesforce the attention and the tools they need.

Look around. Everywhere there’s sales. Companies, small businesses and organizations all sell products, messages and ideas. A good salesman can make or break a company. Nevertheless, the sales department and their working conditions, tools and development is seldom top of mind when thinking about a company. Why is that?

A profession above all else

Everyone can relate to the complex challenges of a programmer or an engineer. Salesmen on the other hand, they just send some emails, makes some calls and drink another cup of coffee. Or do they? No, far from it. A salesman has to deal with constant rejections, but still smile in every meeting. He has to perform his best at all times and know everything there is to know about the product. He has to pitch like a hero, shake hands like a champ and when someone shows an interest, he has to react on that interest and get a signature on a contract.

And getting that signature isn’t easy either. If you have to send the documents by traditional mail, they can get lost, the envelope might end up on the wrong desk, the dog may eat them. Who knows what can happen. So let's take a second and reconsider the importance of a great sales department, and look at what people and tools it should consist of.

Give your salesforce what they need

If you have a sales department – do you know who works there? Do you know what motivates them? Are you confident they have everything they need from you to succeed: competence, trust and all the right tools?

Without the salesmen you have nothing but a cool product that no one knows about. Companies don’t fail because of bad products. They fail because of bad salesmen. Bad sales. That’s why it’s so important that your salesmen have the right prerequisites. They need:

  • a superior understanding of the product – give them access!
  • a genuine interest in understanding the needs of the client – they need to listen!
  • the ability to communicate to the client why your product is a match made in heaven for their needs
  • all the hardware and software that’ll make the process seamless – especially the tools to formally enter into agreements and sign contracts
  • last, but not least, the holy grail of sales: they need to Always Be Closing! It's not a sale until the contract is signed.

Signing in the digital domain

It’s obviously important that you make the sales process as smooth as possible for both your clients and your salesmen. A small bump in the road can cause your potential clients to bail. If you for instance ask them to print a document, sign it, get someone to verify it, scan it … it’s a nuisance just reading about it. Up until recently, there has not been a secure, efficient and platform independent way to sign contracts and agreements online. But Signicat is making digital signing a breeze, and can even give your salesforce a new advantage.

When a deal is made the salesman can send the client all the necessary documents and ask him or her to sign them digitally. Now, it's only a matter of a few clicks and the salesman can follow the process and discreetly contact the client if there’s any sign of hesitation or need for support. No snail mail, no scanners. Just pure, efficient business through seamless digital signing.

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