Signicat launches Sign Portal, a powerful, self-service electronic signing solution, tailored specifically for the Nordic market

Signicat Sign Portal is part of Signicat’s electronic signing portfolio that targets a market set to grow to USD 5.5 billion by 2023.

Signicat, the Trusted Digital Identity ™ company today announces the launch of the Signicat Sign Portal, an efficient, self-service, electronic signing solution for businesses looking to secure electronic signatures in a trusted, verified manner. 

The web-based and mobile-friendly Sign Portal, which is initially launching in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, facilitates secure electronic signing of contracts, agreements and other important documents, replacing slow and costly paper-based signing processes for businesses. The Signicat Sign Portal validates the identity of the signatory through the use of electronic identities such as BankID in Norway and Sweden, NemID in Denmark, and Finnish Trust Network (FTN)-approved bank credentials in Finland to provide the highest level of digital trust.


The addition of the Sign Portal to Signicat’s electronic signing portfolio provides a quick and easy solution for small and medium-sized organisations, and those that require an electronic signing solution that supports ad-hoc and regular signing of documents without the need for integration. For those with more complex signing requirements, Signicat provides an enterprise signing platform that integrates with business applications and organisation’s existing workflows, for example in customer portals. 

“Signing with an electronic identity provides a significantly more secure way to sign when compared with email-based verification, or using a “scribble on a screen” as a way of identifying the signatory,” said Asger Hattel, Signicat CEO. “What many don’t get is that merely typing your name into a contract that you receive via email is not necessarily enough for it to be defensible in court. Electronic identity-based signing provides legally-binding proof that the signature on the document comes from the intended individuals.”


Through the Signing Portal’s PAdes (PDF Advanced Electronic Signature) capability, businesses have further evidence of what document was signed, by whom, when and how.

The Signicat Sign Portal meets businesses’ immediate electronic signing needs and is quick to set up. Through a user-friendly interface, businesses are able to monitor electronic signing processes and maintain an overview of documents that have been signed by the other party and signing requests that haven not been completed. The other party can conveniently sign the documents on a mobile device or PC by using their exisiting eID. 

The market and demand for electronic signatures has grown exponentially as organisations are seeking efficiencies resulting in more processes getting digitized and automated. In an era of COVID-19, electronic signing solutions have become a crucial function as paper-based solutions are not feasible in the current climate.

Companies can register for a free 14-day trial of the Signicat Sign Portal at

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