Launching Signicat Express for Startups

Get up and running with developer-friendly Identity APIs in minutes. As a startup, you get the first 6 months free.

Identity services for startups

In one way, startups are no different from other companies. If you run a startup, you need all the same things that larger companies need. If you need a payment solution, you look to Stripe. If you need a communications platform, you look to Twilio. If you need location services, you look to Google Maps. And if you need APIs for onboarding, signing in, and signatures, you look to Signicat.

Identity services are a necessary building block if you are running any kind of fintech, proptech, or retail company. A building block that is not always affordable for a startup.


That’s why we’re now offering Signicat Express free for 6 months, transactions included, for startups younger than 3 years old.

Sign up for Signicat Express for Startups

We were a startup 14 years ago, so we understand how important it is to get access to basic infrastructure at an early stage. Today we're a scaleup, and our focus has shifted towards retaining the startup mentality and staying in touch with the startup community that helped us get started” 
Gunnar Nordseth, Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Signicat


What is Signicat Express?

For startups less than 3 years old and with less than 1 million Euro in revenue, Signicat is offering a startup package of its Signicat Express offering.

Authentication Signing

You can choose between getting the Authentication API or the Signature API for free. For instance, you can connect to your customers with the Nordic electronic identity (eID) schemes such as MitID or Norwegian or Swedish BankID, as well as enable electronic signing for financial contracts, HR documents and more. You pay no subscription fee for the first 6 months, and you get 500 authentications or 100 signatures included for free each month.

Even better: You don’t need to be an identity expert to get going.  

Our developer-friendly APIs allow you to get started at once, and start integrating within minutes. You can configure our APIs to suit both easy and difficult use cases, and we offer documentation, SDKs, quick start guides, code examples, video tutorials, and a community to help you out.

How does it work?

  • Startups less than three years old with less than EU1M in annual revenue qualify for the 6 month access free of charge. After 6 months, the Starter Package starts at EU249/month subject to the identity methods chosen.

  • Go to and click the “sign up for the startup package” using the promo code "STARTUP2021".

I still have a few questions, who can I contact?

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