Signicat Digital Identity University: Six expert webinars

Signicat’s Digital Identity University is a series of short, live webinars showcasing why and how your business can deliver optimal value by integrating digital identity solutions.

Level up your digital identity knowledge

For the next three weeks, we’ll have our experts share insights on the pain-points and solutions for digitizing customer interactions and showcase how other businesses have integrated digital identity solutions seamlessly, saving them significant costs.   

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The Digital Identity Lifecycle 

Is your business engaging with customers to its utmost digital potential? 

Investments in digital channels require a strategic approach to digital identity. A fully digital, seamless, customer journey can deliver business benefits such as conversions, engagement and cost-efficiencies. Digital identity should therefore be managed from end-to-end in business systems whether that’s the first time a customer is onboarded, to when a customer returns and should be authenticated, to when a customer signs legally-binding agreements electronically. 

Businesses however, are not capitalizing on the full digital customer potential.  Tune in and learn about what it takes to strengthen your customer’s digital engagement by enabling a full digital customer journey. 

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Customer Onboarding 

Why are businesses losing 40% of potential customers despite heavy investments in digital transformation and marketing? 

Regulations, increasing competition, and soaring costs for customer acquisition put pressure on modern businesses. At the same time, consumers are expecting frictionless customer experiences. In a market where products have become a commodity, user experience and the ability to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements has become the holy grail. Learn more about the pain points of consumers from three years of research commissioned by Signicat and how to navigate the regulatory complexities whilst ensuring your business can seamlessly and securely onboard new customers. 

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Electronic signing for enterprises: what to consider 

Did you know that although electronic signatures have been around for forty years most businesses still use manual based signing processes? 

As more processes get digitized and automated, it is no wonder the demand for electronic signatures has grown. Organisations are seeking efficiencies by reducing the time and cost it takes to get a contract or agreement signed without the need to either print and send any papers, or even schedule face-to-face meetings in situations where the other party must be identified.  Chose the right electronic signing strategy for your business, tune in! 

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PSD2 and Authentication 

Understanding PSD2 and authentication solutions to unlock optimal business value. 

On 14 September 2019, new requirements for authenticating online payments were introduced in Europe as part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The new requirements require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Business identity authentication solutions, as a result, give you the confidence that you can trust who you are engaging with. Not only are multi-factor, secure, authentication solutions for digital identification critical but beneficial. We help you navigate the regulatory complexities and provide insights on authentication methods and how to optimize your user experience for digital identity.

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Business Onboarding 

In the last year alone, the global commercial and business banking market has lost $3.3 trillion because of abandoned applications during business onboarding (Chartis Research, 2019). 

There are significant challenges facing regulated industries across Europe when onboarding new business customers.  Document such as an articles  of association or certificate of incorporation are often sent per mail from a source, where there are higher risks of tampering and fraud.  In addition, complex ownership structures make it difficult for regulated industries to ensure necessary compliance checks are directed at the right persons and entities within a business- information that should be simple, readily available, and secure.  Learn how digitizing business onboarding improves efficiency and reduces the risk of fraud and human error. 

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An introduction to digital identity in the German market and the vast business opportunities 

With a population of 83 million, the business opportunities in the German market are vast.

When it comes to digital identification and implementation of electronic identification (eID) schemes, Germans (arguably with 5% eID coverage) are often looking to the Nordics’ success (90% coverage) where digital identities are used in accessing a vast range of public and private services. 

Signicat’s solution means that any company operating in Germany can get access to all eID schemes through one point of integration and therefore get a larger addressable market. Join our webinar to learn more about the relevant digital identity solutions, the German regulatory framework and how your business can digitize customer interactions to unlock vast business potential.  

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