Signicat and Verisec partner to offer Sweden’s Freja eID across Europe

Signicat, a leader in trusted digital identity, and IT security company Verisec, the developers of Freja eID, today announced a digital identity partnership using the Freja electronic ID (eID). As part of the deal Signicat will now offer Freja eID as a signing and authentication method—enabling retail, financial, and other organisations to use Freja eID to on-board and engage customers.

Freja eID is a digital identity with two levels of trust; the easily accessible basic Freja eID, and the more secure and trusted Freja eID+, which requires additional identity vetting. Freja eID+ is used for secure transactions across the private and public sector and is the first Swedish mobile eID approved by the Swedish E-identification Board, granting it the Svensk e-legitimation (Swedish Electronic Identity) quality mark.

Freja eID can be used to sign documents in accordance with the EU’s cross-border digital identity regulation (eIDAS). It also makes it possible for those with limited access to electronic identity schemes—such as recent immigrants—to use Freja eID at the basic level.

Signicat has added Freja eID support into the Signicat Digital Identity Platform and will resell Freja eID acceptance as part of the commercial arrangement. Through the Signicat platform, its customers will have access to Freja eID users through the same interface.

Gunnar Nordseth, CEO Signicat, comments:
“Signicat is pleased to be working with Verisec and to add support for Freja eID and Freja eID+ to the Signicat Digital Identity Platform. By supporting Freja eID we give our customers a new digital identity method for use in combination with all those we already support across Europe. Signicat fully supports Freja eID for authentication, customer on-boarding, and to digitally sign documents.”

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec, comments:
“Signicat, as an established digital identity service provider (DISP) in Europe, represents a new and important partnership for Freja eID, supporting its use across the region. For many major players in the banking, finance, insurance and eCommerce, Signicat is the preferred provider of electronic identity and signature solutions.”

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