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This blog was originally published on the Idfy blog on 14 January 2019. Signicat acquired Idfy in July 2019, and Idfy is now a core part of the Signicat team.

We have learned a lot from building Idfy. Our API solutions are deeply rooted in our experiences from the real world, real use cases and creative problem solving.

Take a look at your phone. How many apps do you have? Most of them probably connect to the Internet and work in a seamless fashion, performing mundane tasks in the background without the need for your input. Now look at your workplace. What kind of software are you running? What kind of tools do you use that require a lot of manual, boring labour? It’s getting harder to see why there has to be a difference in efficacy between the software in our personal lives and the software at work.

Your employees are not machines

During business hours, many tasks are done manually, tasks which in a modern company would be automated and invisible. For instance, why are we still uploading files from our ERP systems to the bank just to do simple business-to-business payments? Why are we still transferring databases from one system to another manually? The answer might be obvious – because the systems don’t speak the same language. So you hire a young, ambitious programmer or a experienced senior consultant and you make them do mundane and repetitive tasks that a machine can do better? That doesn't make any sense. Not for the employer and certainly not for the employee. It's time to recognize that time is our most valuable asset and automate accordingly.

Start a systems dialogue

That might sound a bit strange, but that's what APIs are all about. Enabling systems to talk with each other. If they don’t, it will create a lot of friction and unnecessary grievance, such as the aforementioned frustrated employees. Systems that speak the same language, or at least are made to understand each other through a innovative and easy to use API, will make your company a more efficient and fun place to work. Efficient equals savings and fun equals happy employees.

And that's what we do. We make those APIs. Our philosophy is creating simple-to-use and flexible solutions for our customers. We are continuously striving to solve problems and increase the degree of automation in for instance customer onboarding, sales and CRM. It's all about tools. Hence our main focus is developing microservices and APIs. Our solutions can become integral building blocks in an automated machine-to-machine flow somewhere in the business process. These easy to use and flexible APIs are essential if you want to unleash the potential of digitization and automation.

Reap the benefits

Besides the huge economical benefits of a well structured and automated workflow, there's also the human aspect. We’re not made to do mundane, boring tasks. Regardless of your job title or interests, you’re probably a happier being if you can use your skills and attributes towards something rewarding and creative. By enabling your employees to develop their skills and to achieve their professional goals, you are creating an attractive workplace that highly qualified people would like to contribute to. The sooner you make those systems talk to each other without human translators, the sooner you can reap the benefits of great APIs.

Check out our developer portal and discover for yourself what we're trying to achieve by creating microservices and APIs, and by providing a smooth experience for developers.


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