New Video Series: Electronic signatures explained

It seems everyone is looking for electronic signatures right now. Watch this new series of 1-2 minute explainer videos to avoid the common pitfalls when choosing an e-signing solution.

The demand for electronic signatures has grown both slowly and quickly. The accelerating trend toward electronic signing has been pushed steadily by digitalisation, but that steady push has turned into a firm shove as many of us suddenly find ourselves working remotely and trying to do business as usual.

When push comes to shove, many companies are looking to implement an electronic signing solution – right now. But there are pitfalls, and finding the right solution for your organization requires much more than just comparing the prices. That's why we've created a new video series called Electronic signatures explained

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In this series, digital identity expert John Erik Setsaas digs into the most important topics around electronic signatures in short explainer videos. The first four videos in this series are available below, with more to come. You will, among other things, learn that electronic signatures can be much more than a scribble on a screen. 

Part 1: Electronic signature vs. digital signature

What is an electronic signature, and how is it different from a digital signature? Watch this 1-minute explainer video to learn the difference. 


Part 2: How to verify identity of the signer

How do you know who signed a document, and why does the signer’s identity matter? Watch this 2-minute explainer video to learn why identity is a key consideration in electronic signatures, and why a scribble on a screen many times is simply not enough. You’ll also learn how verified electronic identities such as BankID in Norway and Sweden can be used to replace verifying identity of the signer in person.

Part 3: How to protect electronic signatures with time stamps and PAdES

Electronic signatures save time and effort, but you need to be smart about protecting against fraud. Watch this 2-minute explainer video to learn how time stamps and how PAdES, PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures, work and improve the security of electronic signatures.

Part 4: How to know electronic signature is genuine?

How can you trust an electronic signature hasn’t been tampered with? Watch this 1-minute explainer video to learn what validation of electronic signatures is and how it works.

More videos in this series coming soon

We are working on more videos in this series.  Watch the playlist or click below to visit the Signicat YouTube channel for the latest updates.


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