Key Takeaways from the Signicat/Tieto Roadshow on Digital Identities and Signing in Germany

December 10th, our Signicat and Tieto Roadshow on the topics of digital onboarding and electronic signing made its final stop in Frankfurt, following previous stops in Munich and Berlin. 

What were the key takeaways? 

In Munich we especially found, that a successful solution for onboarding your customers must cover a broad spectrum of use cases and different security levels. In addition, user friendliness and convenience are key to success: First, a strong solution which is able to handle and combine different levels of security needs. Second, all stakeholders need to support and promote a generally accepted eID method, such as Germany’s “Neuer Personalausweis” (nPA), in order to give users the best cross-platform experience.

In Berlin we discussed the possibilities of open banking and with that new business opportunities for both incumbent players and up-and-coming FinTech companies. The key here is to identify one’s core competencies, focus on your value propositions and combine it with the strengths of partners. Teaming up with only one or two partners is likely not sufficient anymore – the business of the future happens in eco-systems.

In Frankfurt we reminded ourselves again to practice absolute customer centricity. For example, identities need to be valid and usable across borders. And again, partnerships are key to keep up with regulations and provide the best user experience. Paper documents will not remain the standard any longer, be it employment contracts which only need a verified signature or onboarding processes that must be compliant with stricter regulations. 

As Chris Skinner points out in his blog The Finanser, we are currently in the phase of partnerships. So, let’s get together, build up partnerships and ecosystems in order to be ready for the next phase which Skinner calls integration. Here we will integrate fintech solutions even more into banking and insurance services. Eventually, “when we get to truly open platforms and marketplaces of APIs, apps and analytics, then we can start to fully integrate banking and FinTech and BigTech”, and “we will just talk about finance over the network, as it will be fully integrated as one seamless, frictionless system, internet-enabled, global and real-time.”

If you’re interested in secure digital identities, need to manoeuvre in a highly regulated industry, would like to speed up your onboarding processes, or simply want to get rid of paper and instead use digital signing, then contact us to talk about possibilities of enhancing your business.

Big thanks to all the speakers at our roadshow:
Per Dahlqvist, Jonas Brännvall, Sameer Datye and Gustaf Björklund, Tieto
Mario Voge, Swisscom
Christof Randazzo and Lewe Webering, Webid Solutions 
Marc Fischer, Arvato Financial Solutions
Peter Blenninger, LV 1871
John Erik Setsaas and Christian Marsch, Signicat

Thanks also to everyone who visited and contributed to the exchange and lively discussions during and following the presentations!

Better be quick with your onboarding process – Signicat knows how.
Large attendance at the Frankfurt stop of the roadshow.
Lively and engaged exchange during the breaks.



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