How to tell if an electronic signing solution is enterprise-ready

Understanding the needs of your various stakeholders and taking a long perspective will help you navigate the electronic signing solution market.

Choosing an electronic signing solution for a large organization is a decision that will have an impact on efficiency and workflows, but also customer experience. 

So how can you tell if a solution is built to meet the needs of complex organizations?


First, a full-scale e-sign solution should be flexible enough to accommodate the use cases of the entire organization. This can include the following situations:

  • Customers signing new contracts and documents in customer portals
  • Suppliers and partners signing agreements
  • HR digitizing all documents related to an employee
  • Legal and finance moving to fully electronic contracts
  • Any contracts and agreements with parties in other countries
  • Forwarding the signing request
  • Supporting multiple signers, especially when they are signing on behalf of a company 


Second, the solution should provide you with the highest level of security. Data security and compliance are already often addressed before a new system is deployed, but there are other aspects to the security of electronic signing solutions.  You need to be sure the electronically signed documents are protected against tampering, can be validated in years to come, and that you can prove who signed document. An enterprise-ready electronic signing solution should be able to provide this additional security.

Verified identity

Third, an electronic signing solution should be able to do more than signatures. For example, when electronic signing is done with an electronic ID, such as the popular BankID solutions in Norway and Sweden, the event can also provide enriched data through lookups to various registries. It’s possible to combine an electronic signing event with an address verification, or for example validate that the person is authorized to sign on behalf of a company. This can be a critical element especially in high value contracts.

There are many other boxes a solution should check to meet the criteria of an enterprise-ready electronic signing solution. Download our electronic signature solution buyers guide for a list of 10 questions to learn what those are, and why they matter.

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