How to choose a solution for electronic signing: A buyer's guide

Navigating in the e-signing jungle can be a challenge, so we've published a guide to help you compare and choose a solution that is the best fit with your needs. 

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of solutions for electronic signing. There are stand-alone solutions, apps, services you can integrate with your existing solutions, portals, native extensions and more - so how do you choose which one is the right for your business?

Solutions can be difficult to compare, and therefore we have published a guide that is designed to help you prioritise your needs and explain the differences in various solutions. In the guide, we walk you through these key questions and more you need to consider before making your choice:

  • How many electronic signings do you expect to do?
  • What sort of use cases will you encounter?
  • How sure do you need to be on the identity of those signing?

Download the eguide and receive also a practical checklist for vendor comparison. 

Eguide: Electronic Signing - 7 steps to get it right

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