Here's why you gotta digitize

This blog was originally published on the Idfy blog on 23rd October 2018. Signicat acquired Idfy in July 2019, and Idfy is now a core part of the Signicat team.

Digitizing is the buzz these days. Everything from archives to processes is due for the digital domain. Thank God for that. By digitizing you will reduce costs and at the same time gain opportunities to increase your revenue, reputation and work environment.

Walk into any office anywhere in the world and you’ll probably find a yellow post-it with a name and a phone number written on it. Maybe dangling of a screen at the support desk whose owner is sick in bed. If that number was stored in a customer support system, maybe someone could have contacted that customer as promised. Made him or her happy. Instead you got another piece of paper trash. This is just one of many examples where a digital process would have been a great advantage for the business. And truth be told, there's no need for paper in a modern company. Maybe except in the restrooms.

Don’t get left behind

In just a few years the market for any digital business has gone completely global. Until recently, your business might have had a few local competitors, but now you have to face up to huge mastodons located in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and New York. Or maybe you’re losing out to a digitized disruptor from in the middle of nowhere who’s snatching all your customers using a pain free digital process for handling and signing documents, while you are waiting for an envelope of contracts returning from China. To be efficient and competitive, you need a digital working process. Not the least to make deals and agreements across the world without relying on pens and that outdated appliance called paper.

Here's a few suggestions to services that can make your life easier and your business future proof. To make it easy for you to see what’s relevant for your company, we sorted them by task.


Depending on the complexity of your service or product it might generate some support, no matter how user-friendly you designed it to be. Invest in a cloud-based support system with ticketing-features – we recommend Zendesk. This way you will always keep track of ongoing support cases.


Make it possible for your customers to automatically create accounts/trials/etc. without talking to anyone like Signicat's Developer site. People like to try before they buy, and efficient onboarding is an excellent way to scale your business. Idfy has many clients who use forms with fields that are merged to a document and then signed. This way they get a fully self-service onboarding process – and new clients 24/7 365 days in the year. A great example is Norwegian Broker, a Norwegian insurance broker. All new customers can sign their documents and become a customer within minutes, using Idfy. Same goes for investment crowdfunding company Kameo, where new customers can start investing almost immediately instead of waiting days or weeks for snail mail, scanners and printers.


Track your ongoing sales processes with a CRM-tool. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and there are many good tools available, including SalesForce, Pipedrive and SuperOffice. With a good CRM tool you track the whole life cycle of a customer, from leads and prospects to closed deals and paying customers.


How many customers did that glossy flyer get you on that last event? Instead, use digital marketing tools as newsletters, social media and webinars to reach new customers. A few great platforms are MailChimp and EmailOctopus for newsletters, the usual suspects, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat for social media and for instance EverWebinar for webinars.


Digital documents and digital signatures

Eliminate paper from your business. Utilize a document handling tool (Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice) and save your documents in the cloud (OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox) for security and collaboration benefits. However, many of the benefits of having a document stored digitally may be lost when you need to have the document signed. What’s the use of tossing the printer when you have to buy a new one the next week to print, sign, scan and email a contract?

Two great examples of how it can be done are building company Skanska using a digital signing solution and archiving and the organization for student services in Trondheim, SiT. Skanska is already well on their way to a completely paperless process within 2020, no small feat for such a huge, traditional organization. And at SiT, who handles all student accommodation in Trondheim, Norway, they have gotten 1500 new apartments the last few years without an increase in staff. All thanks to their ambition to digitize and Idfy.

Analytics and statistics

Use tools to monitor and track the activity on your webpage, app or software solution. Many great tools exist for both monitoring and tracking what happens in your business. If you get a tool with integrations or APIs you can monitor everything going on in your company, such as sales, support and operations. I.e. Datadog, Zabbix, New Relic etc. Idfy's event API can be integrated into these, giving you a unique opportunity to follow the process from deal to a signed contract and a new customer.

The conclusion

Isn’t it obvious? Digitizing will give you oversight, control, security and revenue. It will land you those clients before anyone else due to digital signing and handling of documents. Sounds like a happier, richer life, doesn’t it?


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