Have you replaced TUPAS? Time is running out.

Finland’s TUPAS digital authentication method is being replaced. Signicat can help.

The TUPAS protocol no longer meets the criteria for strong authentication in EU legislation. According to the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, e-services will have to replace old TUPAS integration interface by 30 September 2019.

Finnish Trust Network

The Finnish Trust Network is a combination of identity service providers (e.g. TUPAS banks and Mobiilivarmenne operators) and brokers. With agreement with a member of Finnish Trust Network, companies can continue to engage with customers online in a verified, trusted manner.

Signicat has been helping Finnish businesses meet these new requirements by providing an approved, strong authentication solution and providing access to the Finnish Trust Network. We act as a broker for Finnish businesses, meaning that instead of having to sign up 10 separate agreements with the 10 active banks in Finland and then implement 10 separate technical integrations, we act as a one-stop shop, providing a single point of integration and a single agreement.

Additionally, due to the bulk eID pricing we have negotiated, the average customer can save up to 70% on these connection fees in addition.

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