Hackathon proof of concept: Business Vendor On-boarding Platform with verified digital identity

Together with our customer and partner Anva, we participated in the recent hackathon from B-Hive. The challenge was to “Know your Vendor” and, well, we’re pretty proud of our result.

What we built

We created an easy-to-use platform for vendors to register once, and then being able to submit to multiple RFPs/RFIs using the same registration data. To verify the correctness, eligibility and validity of the submitting party, the vendor representative had to connect the account to LinkedIn as well as Belgium’s Itsme Electronic Identity. Based on this data, we then implemented company information lookup into Dun & Bradstreet APIs, and finally the end user could upload certificates (eg: ISO27001) and additional documents.

Furthermore, we also integrated the portal with ANVA Safebay platform for confidential messaging, and we had an AI chatbot that would automatically generate an NDA based on the ongoing conversation. Once signed by both parties (and verified using eIDs), these NDAs would then be Signicat sealed and put into our archive.

Here’s a more detailed video from our own Peter Feijen:

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