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Signicat Sign Portal Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Signicat acquires Encap Security to create Mobile Identity and Authentication Powerhouse

New advancement simplifies using mobile devices to register car leases and loans, thanks to The Brønnøysund Register Centre, Santander Consumer Bank and Signicat

Risks with electronic signing - Have we been getting it all wrong, all this time?

Time to go passwordless? 3 safe ways to replace passwords

Point of no return: Digital business onboarding is here to stay

New solution from Signicat fully automates KYC / AML compliance checks during digital business customer onboarding

Nordic leader in peer-to-peer lending, Fellow Finance, selects Signicat’s MobileID mobile authentication solution

Signicat is partnering with TheFactory to strengthen relationship with Norwegian startup community 

Digital business on-boarding best practices: Automating KYC / AML

Know Your Customer: Guide to digital CDD, AML, KYC regulatory compliance

The cryptocurrency contradiction simplified

The Financial Times names Signicat one of the fastest growing companies in Europe 

European financial institutions lose over €5 billion every year on customer acquisition

5 things you need to know about the EU’s “Secure e-identity (EU eID)" Initiative

Introducing Qualified Time Stamp Authority service from Signicat

EVENT: Signicat Express for Startups x Support QA

Launching Signicat Express for Startups

Signicat and Mambu join forces to digitise identity management services across Europe

Business Benefits from Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Basics of digital onboarding – Part 5: Why identity validation matters

How to identify customers across Europe with a single API

Basics of digital onboarding – Part 4: Best practices for customer onboarding

Signicat and SurePay win Best Use of Fraud Protection Technology at Banking Technology Awards, combatting bank transfer scams costing billions of Euros

Basics of digital onboarding – Part 3: What are the consequences of bad customer onboarding?

Basics of digital onboarding – Part 2: Why you need to know who your customer is

How to take an electronic signature to court across Europe

Basics of digital onboarding – Part 1: What is customer onboarding and why does it matter to my business?

User identification in Finland in focus following massive data breach

European financial institutions lose almost two thirds of applicants during onboarding

Investment services firm Alexandria selects Signicat for secure electronic signing

Guide to the new Norwegian Financial Contracts Act (“Finansavtaleloven”) and what financial institutions can do to reduce risk of fraud

Digitaal Paspoort will be completely replaced by eHerkenning. Are you ready for the next step?

Signicat fuels growth ambitions with management team appointments

Complete guide to transition from NemID to MitID

Signicat and Knowit accelerate digital loan applications and payments processes to under 10 mins

Combating electronic signature forgery with QTSP

The role of XAdES in qualified electronic signatures

Digital Originals- the ability to trace a master document online

41% of European consumers unable to access financial services during lockdown

What is the difference between Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures? (eIDAS AES and QES)

EU Project Results: Pioneering technology seamlessly and securely verifies customer information found online

What can digital identity verification do for my business?

What is Authentication?

How do electronic signatures stand up in court?

What is eIDAS – How do you know who to trust?

How do I verify a digital identity online?

Why does my business need digital identity verification?

In a market set to grow to USD 5.5 billion by 2023, electronic signing still remains neglected by many businesses despite its simplicity.

Digital Identity in Germany – market status, trends, and regulations that you need to consider

Digital signature basics: How to use a digital signature to sign PDF documents

Signicat offers new digital customer onboarding solutions in Germany through the national digital identity service, nPA

Signicat’s Digital Identity Panel Webinars

Signicat contributes to defining European standards in identity proofing,  a practice varying in the market across EU Member States  

Signicat launches Sign Portal, a powerful, self-service electronic signing solution, tailored specifically for the Nordic market

Digital Signature Basics: Free digital signatures vs paid digital signatures

Digital signature basics: How the digital signature process works

How to tell if an electronic signing solution is enterprise-ready

New Video Series: Electronic signatures explained

Signicat acquires Dutch Identity Specialist Connectis to create Europe’s strongest digital identity platform

2020, the year when the paperless office finally materialised

How to choose a solution for electronic signing: A buyer's guide

Signicat Digital Identity University: Six expert webinars

Level up your digital identity knowledge with these five recorded webinars

The Law of Digital Signatures: Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Helping the mortgage sector in the Netherlands with a pioneering digital identity pilot

How financial services companies can benefit from digital identity: The Nordic model

Telia Norway reduced fraud cost by 4 million NOK in 9 months with digital identity

What is an electronic identity, and how does it help companies build trust online?

The Nordics’ Fintech Superpower and Key Takeaways from Stockholm Fintech Week

Even in countries with high digital identity adoption such as Sweden, online financial service applications can still have a high abandonment rate

Signicat and Online Payment Platform partner to verify seller identities for online marketplaces

6 steps to get your services ready for MitID

Signicat tilsetter ny CEO og styreformann for å sette fart på selskapets internasjonale vekst

Signicat appoints new CEO and Chairman to accelerate international growth

2019’s identity buzzword- Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)- and my concerns with it

7 most read blogs of 2019

Key Takeaways from the Signicat/Tieto Roadshow on Digital Identities and Signing in Germany

How do you use your digital identity where you’re from?

Signicat and Rabobank win prestigious award at the 20th Banking Technology Awards

Signicat and SurePay partner to solve payee confusion and fraud

Signicat Positioned as Leader in Identity Proofing in One World Identity’s 2019 Identity Industry Landscape

Signicat and Rabobank win Best FinTech Partnership at the 2019 Financial Innovation Awards

Signicat wins VVCM Credit Management Innovation Award 2019

Signicat partners with Swisscom Trust Services to integrate qualified electronic signatures into its Digital Identity Platform

German Angst and Lessons from the Nordics in Electronic Identification

Why am I logging into my tanning salon?

eGuide: The business case for digital identity verification to increase conversion in digital channels

Unlocking global business opportunities in digital channels with digital identity 

Signicat expands digital identity verification offering to cover 208 countries

Signicat leverer nå global dekning av digitale verifikasjonsløsninger for identiteter på Internett

The TUPAS countdown is underway: Up to 24% of Finnish organizations risk breaking the law after 1 October 2019

Financial institutions have only 14 minutes and 20 seconds to digitally on-board customers

Can Strong Customer Authentication and User Experience be friends?

Time to rethink mobile strategy: Apps are now the loyalty and engagement channel

Video: Digital on-boarding in 60 seconds

Video: Frictionless mobile authentication using Signicat MobileID

Signicat announces one million digital identity transactions in a single day

Milepæl for Signicat: 1 million transaksjoner i løpet av én dag

Signicat acquires Norwegian digital identity specialist, Idfy

Signicat and Rabobank win bobsguide partnership award

The 5 key questions to ask when choosing a Finnish Trust Network eID broker

7 things you need to know about TUPAS being replaced with Finnish Trust Network

Identifying the smart online authentication provider for Finnish businesses

Signicat and yes® partner to provide simple digital identity to German businesses

Federated eIDs: Setting up an Electronic ID service

Federated Electronic Identities: What are they, what are the benefits, and do they work?

Rabo eBusiness wins the Celent Model Bank Award for Identity Management

eGuide: The Future of Trust Online

Nordic Capital acquires digital identity pioneer Signicat

New report from Signicat and Arkwright explores digital identity success in the Nordics

Federated eIDs as a value driver in banking: An Arkwright Report

Verimi and Signicat partner to deliver verified digital identity solution for European enterprises

Biometrics and digital identity – is that really you?

Fintech Finance Video: What makes a good collaboration great?

Law firm Bird & Bird explains when an electronic signature is legally binding in the EU

Banks must replicate challengers and take onboarding seriously

User-controlled privacy through self-sovereign identity

Video: The Banker Interview with Daan van den Eshof, Rabobank and John Erik Setsaas, Signicat

Video: Helping insurers to securely, digitally onboard customers

Video: Identity Assurance as a Service

Our journey – your user experience

Traficom recommends replacing TUPAS and using an eID broker – Learn how

Digital customer onboarding – are you doing it wrong?

Save the rain forest – sign your contracts digitally!

The pros and cons of eIDAS qualified

Signicat digitises in-store signing of credit agreements for Resurs Bank retail partners

Signicat granted EU Quality Trust Mark for security and quality of services

TUPAS-protokollets användning upphör 30 september 2019

Signicat introduces Signicat Business Signature, digitising business to business document signing

Somebody has to close those deals

Preserving Electronic Signatures – Are you taking care of your signed documents?

Here's why you gotta digitize

Hackathon proof of concept: Business Vendor On-boarding Platform with verified digital identity

Hotels: Do you really know your customer?

Have you replaced TUPAS? Time is running out.

Whitepaper: Strong Customer Authentication in Practice

Skanska simplifying business processes with digital signatures

Meeting Norway’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

Signicat joins ETSI for standardisation of digital signatures and trust services

Signicat and Belgian Mobile ID to deliver trusted digital identity services in Belgium through the itsme® digital identity scheme

Signicat and Verisec partner to offer Sweden’s Freja eID across Europe

Mitek and Signicat partner to improve digital customer on-boarding for financial institutions

The Global Digital Banker podcast: The global state of digital identity

Exclusive interview with Rabobank: How do the Dutch identify themselves? With iDIN, of course

Signicat secures second round of Horizon 2020 funding to develop ID Assurance as a Service

Everybody needs a digital identity

People don’t like passwords – and vice versa

Nordic FinTech giants SDC and Signicat drive dramatic rise in digital-only mortgage applications

The problem of self-sovereign identity: We can’t trust people

When is an electronic signature legally binding?

Signicat welcomes PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication

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