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Schufa Identity Check

Schufa Identity Check is a verification service used in Germany for validating a customer’s identity. Schufa Holding AG (opens new window)is a German private credit bureau supported by creditors. Schufa’s purpose is to protect its clients from credit risks. It also offers protection from insolvency to borrowers.

Signicat supports identity and address validation through Schufa’s Identity Check Premium (opens new window). This premium version includes:

Schufa’s standard Identity Check: This provides a comparison of the inquiry data with the person’s identity and address data stored at the Schufa server. The check returns a percentage match score (opens new window)of the similarity of the comparison data of the individual data fields. In addition, it returns a total match score that results from the individual match scores. The check also recognises alternative spelling and common spelling mistakes.

Schufa’s Identity Check Premium: This is an extension of the standard product. It is used by contractual partners that are legally obligated to check the identity and verify age in accordance with Section 5 JMStV (Interstate Treaty on the protection of minors). The check confirms that a person is known to Schufa and at the same time verifies the stated date of birth. In addition, the report contains information regarding proven identity, e.g. by means of an identity document presented to a bank and/or upon provision of a Schufa self-enquiry report.