Posten Case Study

Digital Identity in Government Services

Simple change prevents identity theft

Identity theft is a growing problem, and for Norway Post (Posten) the problems where related to change-of-address notices. Previously, identity thieves could change the address of people they did not know, and that way, access private information, bills and identification number. This became a big problem for Norway Post (Posten), and they had to find a solution that was safe and simple, so their customers could be protected from identity theft.

Every year, more than 700,000 people report temporary or permanent address changes to Norway Post, which makes this a key service. The solution was Signicat Connect – in order to complete a change-of-address notice, users now easily identify themselves online using BankID, Buypass or PIN-codes used with MinID.

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Posten Norge AS is a Norwegian state-owned group with a temporary license to operate mail delivery in Norway. The group also operates in several areas, such as packages, freight and special transport for the oil industry. Norway Post is one of Norway’s largest companies with operations all over the country.