Lånekassen Case Study

Digital Identity in Student Loan Processing

We hope the customers will experience this in a positive matter that we facilitate routines that is safe, secure and user friendly. Increased use of electronic signatures will also lead to quicker processes and reduce our costs.

Jan Erik Ressem, IT Director
Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, in cooperation with Signicat, will establish a new solution for secure digital signatures. This means that Norwegian State Educational Loan Funds’s customers won’t have to wait for paperwork and ordinary mail before they get their scholarships and student loans. At the same time the society saves administrative work and bureaucracy and hundred thousands of domestic and abroad mail consignments.

Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund yearly receives about 350 000 applications for student loan and scholarships. All allocations of student loans and scholarships, requires a signature from the customer before the payment is processed. Up till now, this process has mainly been that the customers have manually sent signed paper documents in ordinary mail. To simplify this process for both customers and employees, Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund announced a public tender earlier this year with the ambition to find the provider that could cover the technological value chain which is required for secure digital signatures: Authentication, signing, archiving, long time storage, validation and access control. Signicat was favored based on the criteria technical solution, expertise, references and price. The solution has been in use since May 2013.

The solution is cloud based and the customers can use the authentication solutions they already have towards Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. This is possible because Signicat supports all available alternatives in today’s market, like BankID, Buypass, MinID and similar in the other Nordic countries. Signicat’s solution ensures that Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund can verify that the documents is signed and sent by the right person, and that the communication with the customers is at the necessary security level. Signicat will assist Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund with the implementation and is responsible to deliver and maintain a high-availability service.