GF Insurance Case Study

Digital Identity in Insurance services

The customers definitely consider this a great improvement. We get this impression from the reactions we have received from our local sales consultants.

Karsten Frimark
Business architect and deliverables manager
GF Forsikring

Saving money by going digital

GF Forsikring has chosen to improve their customer service by making it easier for their customers to accept an offer on car insurance, home contents insurance, family insurance, etc. Therefore, they have moved on from the traditional process with paperwork, posting and physical signatures to an easier, faster and more cost-saving method.

The method is called DPA (Digital Proposal Acceptance) and entails that the customer receives an e-mail with a link to a website on which the insurance offer is displayed.The customer logs in with NemID and is guided through an interactive form, which the customer fills in with his or her information. He or she then signs the form with NemID.

The digital offer can now be considered as a binding agreement between the customer and GF Forsikring and the insurance will be valid immediately. The customer receives a receipt via e-mail with the documents attached in PDF format, which also contains a certificate that a valid digital signature has been used.

“The customers definitely consider this a great improvement. We get this impression from the reactions we have received from our local sales consultants” explains Karsten Frimark, business architect and deliverables manager for the DPA project.

“We are very pleased that customers respond to our offers from day to day and that is, of course, seen on the bottom line. It does happen that the paper work has an obstacle effect even though the customer is actually ready to change to another company. We don’t need to worry about that now. There is no doubt that the process has become much more flexible and time-saving”.

GF Insurance is among the 10 largest insurance companies in Denmark. GF Insurance was established back in 1967 and is owned by 64 local insurance clubs. It is important for GF Insurance to be a local player across all of Denmark. GF Insurance operates only business in the interest of customers and the focus is keeping the prices at the lowest possible level, therfore GF has a big focus on digitalization.

GF Insurance vision:

To be among the best in Denmark to use and offer digital solutions based on digital support of all parts of the organisation and effective task execution.

The next initiative for GF Forsikring to meet this vision is the digitization of storm damage claims and full integration of DPA with back-end in the administration system.

John Smidth, CIO at GF Forsikring:

“In our strategy we have formulated that the IT strategy and business strategy are two connected parts and I believe that the development of DPA has been a great example of this strategy in practice.

“One of the choices we have made in this context is to outsource the management of the signing to Signicat. This means that we don’t need to think about the maintenance of NemID; we can keep our focus on the customer and our own processes.”

John Schmidt
CIO, GF Forsikring