Domea Case Study

Digital Identity in Real Estate

We have great expectations for the digital lease contract processing. Currently, about 20 minutes are spent for processing each lease contract. It must be processed, archived and returned to the tenant. We expect to reduce this time a lot.

Tina Bilevits
Chief consultant, Domea

Domea is one of Denmark’s largest housing associations, with 36.000 apartments under administration. Each year, 6-7000 families move into or out of an apartment managed by Domea. Each of these moves requires exchange of documents between the tenant and the administrator.

It used to be that the only digital part of this document exchange was that the final contract with signatures of both parties were sent to the tenant as an e-mail attachment. The rest of the process was manual. Domea started by sending the contract by post, to be signed with ink by the tenant. When the contract was received, again by post, it was signed, scanned manually and then archived and sent as e-mail to the tenant.

After adding the new solution, all documents are digital, and the pen and paper signature is replaced by NemID. The tenant will receive an e-mail, with a reference to the contract, which is stored as a digital document. The tenant signs the document digitally using NemID. The manual effort is reduced, also on the Domea side. The employees use a newly developed module, which builds on on Unique Property 4, the administration system he or she is already familiar with.

Saving time and money by using digital lease contracts

Domea is an independent housing organization that manages 36,000 apartments throughout Denmark. The houses are owned by 125 local, independent companies and associations. Unique Housing 4 is a flexible and integrated IT system that supports the overall business benefits the company, employees, departments and tenants. After the tenant has signed, the Domea employee will add a signature, and the result is stored in a PDF file, using the PAdES standard.

This means that the signed document and the signatures can be viewed using the standard Adobe Reader. The Domea employee can at any time look at the workflow, to determine who and when the documents were signed.

The new lease contract module has been developed in collaboration with Signicat and Unique System Design. Signicat is a leader in the Nordic countries when it comes to integrating digital signatures into business processes, and has provided digital signing of the lease contracts using NemID. Unique System Design provides the business system Unique Residential 4 to the property management industry and is responsible for the entire administration system used by Domea. One of the innovations is a web solution where the tenants, among other things, can retrieve the digital leases.

The first fully digital lease process

Domea is the first Danish housing organization which has implemented a full digital lease management, and the company has several projects in the pipeline.

“We want to make even more forms digital, which is an advantage for both our tenants and for ourselves. The next step is a digitization of our processes for termination, sublets, apartment swap and complaints about the house rules, all of which the tenants will be able to sign digitally,” says Tina Bilevits.