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Trust Orchestration

Detect fraudulent behaviour in seconds using Workflow Manager

Orchestrate optimal workflows for global customer onboarding and monitoring and stay in control of AML, anti-fraud and KYC/KYB regulations. Sounds too good to be true? Workflow Manager allows you to do just that.


  • Smooth customer journey

    Find the right balance between compliance and UX.

  • Combat financial crime

    Minimise risk, reduce fraud and avoid compliance breaches.

  • Automated risk determination process

    Perform all your AML, KYC and risk checks in one automated data stream.

Stay in control of risk: what to consider?

If you want to stay in control of risk and combat financial crime, there are several things to consider:

  • How to determine risk and detect fraud efficiently?
  • How to navigate in the complex fraud and risk landscape?
  • How to detect fraudsters early in the onboarding process?
  • How to keep track of risk parameters and how to use them in the best way?

An overwhelming task if you do not know where to begin. Luckily, Signicat can help you figure out what needs to be done.

Avoid being scrutinised by financial authorities

Designing an onboarding process means finding the right balance between compliance and user experience while ensuring that one doesn’t compromise the other. Workflow Manager helps compliance teams build a complete digital picture of each customer, fast-track customer onboarding, and handle the fact that clients expect a flawless digital experience.

Minimising risk, reducing fraud, and avoiding compliance breaches are crucial when fighting financial crime. And absolutely crucial if you want to avoid being scrutinised by financial authorities.

The holistic approach to workflow design

Workflow Manager lets you take a holistic approach to your workflows and brings them together in one centralised view. Whether you create a single workflow for all your markets or individual flows per country, we’ve got you covered. Our experts help you build optimised workflows based on your:

  • Risk-based approach.
  • Applicable regulations per market.
  • Desired end-user convenience.
  • Cost management.

See Workflow Manager in action

Get a brief introduction from our expert Andy Lee.

An abundance of data sources

Connecting to the Signicat API through one single integration point will give you access to an abundance of data sources. We’ll guide you through the various sources and help you pick what you need for optimal integration:

  • Access to over 95 data sources globally.
  • Connect through one single API.
  • Easily integrate existing or new data sources into your workflow.
  • Continuously updated with new data sources.
  • Receive normalised data as output.

Digital risk and data insights – on offer

  • Device profiling and recognition
  • IP profiling
  • Email profiling
  • Mobile profiling
  • Mobile validation
  • Address geolocation and validation
  • Negative data
  • Velocity and association checks
  • Geolocation anomalies
  • Risk scorecard